5 Secrets to Slim Dressing! [Watch]

Tracy Gold

Do you want to know the secret to slim dressing? Luckily for us fashion writer and stylist, Tracy Gold is back with some more fabulous tips on how to dress for success. This time around Tracy is wowing us with a slim dressing series where she will share the secrets to looking a little lighter in your clothes. Here are 5 secrets to slim dressing!

1. Define Your Waist:

The first secret to slim dressing is to define your waist. Did you know that by defining your waist you can look slimmer instantly? In the first video of the series Tracy explains why defining your waist it is the secret to the universe of slim dressing and how to do it with ease.

Watch the full video below:

2. Flatten Your Tummy:

In the second video in this series Tracy Gold shares her top tips to dressing for a flatter tummy. Wouldn’t you just love to learn how to flatten your tummy in an instant? Well, now you can! Just listen to Tracy’s tips in the video below and you’ll look slimmer in an instant!

Watch the full video below:

3. De-emphasize Your Hips:

If you would just love to shave centimetres off your hips then you need to give Tracy’s third video in the series a watch. It’s super simple and with a little bit of know-how you’ll look slimmer in a matter of minutes.

Watch the full video here:

4. Elongate Your Legs:

We all know that taller means slimmer, but what happens when you have short legs? In the fourth video of her slim dressing series, Tracy Gold gives us 3 tips to elongating your legs. Easy as pie!

Watch the full video here:

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5. Downsize Your Bust:

If you’ve got larger breasts, downsizing your bust and making it look a cup smaller could be the key to looking slimmer. In this video Tracy show us how right clothing can help you achieve the look you want and downsize your breasts.

Watch the full video here:

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