Selling Your Car Through CarZar Turns a Stressful Process Into an Admin-Free Joy

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I’ve been meaning to sell my car for months, but the schlep of listing it online and having to meet countless strangers at a not-so-convenient public place caused me to break into a cold sweat. I considered doing a straight trade-in at a dealership, but let’s be honest, they don’t always give you the best deal, and while your car might still be worth a pretty penny, just 5 minutes with a sleazy car salesman will have you convinced you’ve got a real lemon on your hands. After months of being too lazy to sell it privately, I decided to check out a few online companies promising a hassle-free way to sell your car. There are quite a few companies offering this service, but for me, CarZar was by far the best of the lot, truly offering a hassle-free, pleasant experience that didn’t leave me feeling like I’d be duped.

I was in no hurry to sell my car, and for me, it was all about getting the best price possible with the least amount of effort and admin. I got quotes from three different companies, including CarZar, and while CarZar ultimately offered me the best price for my vehicle, they also made me feel like a valued customer and not some down-and-out off the street who was desperately trying to sell her car for a few bucks. Meeting with the inspectors from their competitors left me feeling resentful and like someone was really trying to take me for a ride… and not the fun kind where you stop off for Wimpy along the way.


The CarZar inspection took place at a certified roadworthy station and I was super impressed at just how much effort they put into inspecting the car and how honest (and kind) they were with their feedback. After the inspection, the CarZar representative took me through the trade-in value of my car, a very realistic breakdown of work that needed to be done on the car for them to sell it on their side, and then arrived at a more than fair price that was almost R10,000 more than their competitors!

I took my car in for an inspection with CarZar on a Friday afternoon and by Monday morning I had received a call from them with the official price that they were willing to pay me for my car. I also got the opportunity to have them list the vehicle on their dealership database for me, at a slightly higher price and the next day they called with a new offer of R2,000 more than the initial price quoted.


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Once I’d accepted the new quote, I made a booking with CarZar to fill out the necessary paperwork and collect the vehicle from my home that Friday. They paid the money into my account immediately and to tell you the truth, I’m still shocked at just how easy the whole thing was. While I wasn’t in a rush to sell my vehicle, CarZar made the whole process super simple and everything was done and dusted in just one week – talk about efficient!

If you’re looking to sell your car easily and get a great price for your precious baby then, I would highly recommend you give CarZar a call. Starting the process is simple – you just visit their website, fill out a short questionnaire about your car, and wait for them to get in touch about a date and time for you obligation-free professional inspection.

If you have any questions, visit, contact them at, or give them a call on 087 470 0436.

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