This Range of Colourful & Funky Bamboo Cycling Socks is Every Cyclist’s Dream!

Sexy Socks Cycling Socks

There’s no doubt about it, cycling is pretty big in South Africa. How could it not be? Our country is practically one giant landscape postcard begging to be gawked at, and the best way to do that is on two wheels. If you’re not a cyclist yourself then chances are you know a cyclist (or three) which is why we just had to fill you in on the latest news from our favourite local sock company, Sexy Socks. Every cyclist knows that you’ve got to have the right gear when heading out on your bicycle for a morning ride and now Sexy Socks is making that gear just a little more fun with the launch of their new range of Sexy Socks Cycling Socks!

That’s right, South Africa’s very own Sexy Socks is throwing their socks into the hat as specialised sports items, and any cycling fan should take notice. Designed with the sport, your performance, and of course, style in mind, the new Sexy Socks cycling range features mesh material over the top of your foot – this is all for the breath-ability factor – which means less clammy feet while riding.

Sexy Socks Cycling Socks

They also feature a toweling under-layer and a double cuff for the support required to master the uphills and single track, while also being thin and streamline with the goal of achieving optimum speed in mind.

And of course, in classic Sexy Socks style, the new range also features some colourful and unique designs, giving you the opportunity to have something different and stand out from the crowd. From polka dots to a vintage-inspired bicycle print, there’s a cycling sock for every bike enthusiast. It also goes without saying that these socks would make for the perfect festive season gift for a loved one who is keen on cycling!

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Sexy Socks Cycling SocksThe Sexy Socks cycling socks are priced at R149 each and are available online – click here to check out Sexy Socks’ cycling range now and order your first pair. You can also say Hi to Sexy Socks on Facebook here.

Pssst! You should also know that you might as well order 3 pairs at once because you get FREE shipping when you buy 3 pairs or more (yay!) And, if that doesn’t inspire you to shop then consider the fact that Sexy Socks donates a pair of school socks to a needy school every time they sell a pair of socks!

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