Have Sassy Feet with Sexy Socks This Winter [Review]

Sexy Socks

Today I’m crazy excited to chat about my favourite winter trend; statement socks! Yes, this winter it’s all about the feet and there are so many ways you can wear socks it’s crazy. Forget your basic black and white socks because this winter it’s all about showing off the sassy sister inside you and rocking outrages socks that scream; “Look at my feet, I’m interesting!” And, what better way to explore this trend than with the sock experts themselves; local sock company, Sexy Socks. Here’s how you can rock the trend this winter!

The great thing about this trend is that you can rock it no matter where you are. Boring day job that requires you to suit up? No problem just don your socks with your pant suit and high heels! Fabulously creative calling that allows you to express yourself? Perfect, just add a pair of ‘out there’ foot warmers to your already flashy outfit. The possibilities are endless. Just ask Sexy Socks founder, Dave Hutchison who is all about injecting a little bit of sexy into his day-to-day life. He wears a suit to work, jeans on the weekend and outrageous socks every day of the week.

Sexy Socks
How do you wear your sexy?

Perhaps one of the coolest things about Sexy Socks is that it allows you to give back while being super stylish. According to their website “Sexy Socks is where your ankles meet your social conscience.” You see, for every pair of socks you buy Sexy Socks will provide a child in South Africa with a pair of school socks. If that’s not the best reason to shop, shop, shop then I don’t know what is.  I also love that the socks are designed, sourced and manufactured in Cape Town.

Sexy Socks offers guys and gals a unique range of bamboo socks in all sorts of fabulous designs. For the demure lass who wants to ease her way into the sock trend there’s the Sexy Pointers (light blue socks fabulously dotted with white arrows), for the bold lady who wants to rock it like it’s hot there’s the Sexy Spots (light blue socks with large and bold red dots) and for the unashamedly sexy woman there’s the Sexy Polka (Navy socks with outrageous purple polka dots). But these socks aren’t just a pretty face they are also unbelievably comfy. No seriously, you have not felt comfort until you have worn a pair of bamboo socks! Unlike cotton socks bamboo socks are super soft, stretchy, and tend to go back to their original size (which means no stretching after a few wears). They are also eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-chafe.

Sexy Socks
Sexy Pointers with a black and white ankle-strap heel – sassy and sophisticated.

The socks sell for R99 a pair and if you buy 3 pairs or more you will get free shipping. The socks can be bought online from the Sexy Socks online store. Invest in a pair of ‘Sexies’ this winter and wear socks with neutral-coloured ankle strap pumps and skinny jeans for an innocent school girl look with a twist. Your favourite platform sandals will also pair amazingly well with a patterned sock. Of course, don’t forget that sports luxe is a still a big look this winter so you can pair your wacky socks with your favourite white or black sneakers and a dress. Comfy and stylish!

Sexy Socks
Sexy Pointers with a white sneaker – ultimate laid-back style.


Sexy Socks and WomenStuff are giving three lucky readers the chance to win their very own pair of ‘Sexies’ this winter! Entering is easy and all you need to do to win is get involved on social media. I’ve put some examples of how I rocked my ‘Sexies’ in this post so feel free to share pictures of your sock game or just tell us how you show your sexy. Here’s what to do:


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