Don’t Buy New Boots This Winter – Dress Up Your Old Ones With Shoelery! [Review]

Boot Beltz

I have a bit of an addiction to shoes – look, I wouldn’t say it’s out of control (ok, it’s completely out of control!) but let’s just say I own far too many pairs of shoes. Boots are probably my main weakness when it comes to shoe shopping, I just love them all – high heeled, flat, thigh-high, ankle grazers, you name it, I have it! But, my addiction is starting to impact a little too much on my bank balance and while we would all love to shop for new boots each season my wallet is starting to sigh every time I take it out in a shoe store. So obviously, I had to look for solutions to this problem and the solution is – shoelery! Or, more specifically BOOTBELTZ. Yes ladies, what if I told you there was a way to update your old, basic boots and make them trendy and fabulous without much fuss at all? What if I told you that there was a way to get three different ‘pairs’ of boots out of just one pair? It’s not a crazy fantasy, it’s all possible thanks to BOOTBELTZ by Shoelery. Here’s why I am head over heels (*cough* the shameless pun couldn’t be helped!) in love with these gorgeous boot accessories this winter.

Boot Beltz
Smoke Stone Silver Belt – R400.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shoelery by Erica Giuliani, the international shoe accessories brand is all about updating your much-loved shoes with cute bows, diamante encrusted designs, and more so that you can wear the same pair of shoes in multiple ways. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to update their favourite pair of high heels or flats in an instant? Well, now the brand is taking it one step further with a range of boot accessories for winter. These BOOTBELTZ are ultra chic and wrap around any pair of boots with ease. And the best bit, you can swap and change them to multiple pairs of boots as the mood strikes you. Whether you want to spruce up your practical flat knee-high boots or give your high-heeled ankle boots a serious ‘wow!’ factor for a night out on the town, anything is possible with BOOTBELTZ. Basically, these clever little accessories allow you to take any boot from ordinary to fabulous in a matter of seconds.

Silver spiked chain – R380.

The range includes 9 different wrap-around boot accessories including the oh-so-chic Smoke Stone Silver Cameo Belt – R400), Smoke Stone Silver Cameo Belt (R400), Silver Double Loop Crystal Belt (R380), Silver Skull Chain Belt (R380), and more! I also love the Rabbit Fur slip-on accessory (R750) – it’s a great way to add a luxurious touch to your boots in winter! I got the chance to test our a pair of BOOTBELTZ and am now obsessed with trying to collecting more (sigh, I see a boot belt problem coming on!) Sadly, the BOOTBELTZ are only available in black for now so my brown boots felt a little bit left out but hopefully they will launch more styles in different colours in the future!

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Boot Beltz
Rabbit Fur – R750.

The range is available to order online through the website. Their online store and website is currently being redesigned so you can also place our order by emailing And, for more information on the brand say Hi to Shoelery South Africa on Facebook.

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