Side-Hustle Economy: How South Africans are Boosting their Income

South Africans, by their very nature, are familiar with to need or desire to have additional forms of income, so much so, that according to a recent study, as much as 14% of all households are currently engaged in side hustles.

While many people wear multiple work hats out of a passion for a specific craft or to simply help others, side hustles more typically arise from necessity as South Africans struggle to survive on a basic salary. It’s this need for a second revenue stream that likely sparked the increase in side-hustlers between 2019 and late 2021.

In response to the challenges, there was a marked increase in people from all walks of life finding creative ways to make money, across all sectors in South Africa. The internet and its growing precense across SA has been invaluable in allowing South Africans to participate in what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The research, which was done by UNISA, also revealed that the most prominent type of side hustle involved selling produce or food, followed by those selling items like jewellery, clothing, cosmetics and kitchenware.

People all over the world are also harnessing the power of social media for side hustle success – and considering 90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account, it’s no wonder so many people are looking to social media as a base for their part-time businesses and passion projects.

As the importance of utilising available digital tools to help one’s business, there are some invaluable options such as Digitise that can not only help create a presence for a side-hustle business, but can actually be used to create websites, build online stores, manage customers, and boost marketing.

And because the side hustle game can get pretty competitive, many South Africans have realised the importance of acquiring a new skill or keeping their current skills sharp by signing up for online short courses, keeping an eye on industry trends and always making sure you’re learning something new. And even in that industry, individuals with the desired knowledge have begun offering such courses online, creating an eco-system of online opportunities.

So, if you’re home-bound, looking for some additional income, or want to pursue an entrepreneurial career, there are some options that have very little or no barriers of entry, barring a simple internet connection and basic computer. Then, leverage the powerful tools that a platform like Digitise offers, such as the ability to:

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  • Buy your own domain.
  • Create your own website.
  • Create custom business email addresses.
  • Add a CRM to manage your customers.
  • Use a bulk SMS marketing toolkit.

While these things often are run on separate systems and can end up being quite expensive and complicated, Digitise makes it simple by having it all in one place, running on one system, giving you a single log-in to control all the aspects of your business from your phone, tablet or laptop. And of course, keeps affordability in mind with flexible pricing packages.

Why not sign-up and get cracking on your business now? Check out Digitise here.


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