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boring phone

There are loads of minimalist phone projects out there, but one of the most promising and adaptable devices has to be the BoringPhone. Created by Alex Davidson, the BoringPhone is a minimalist-inspired ‘smartphone. If you’re not keen to go completely off-the-grid, this stripped-down smartphone retains certain conveniences and elements from modern smartphones. Featuring a touch-screen, sleek design, and camera, this phone offers the bare necessities of a smartphone while stripping away many of the distractions and annoyances users tend to have with the latest high-end devices.

The BoringPhone runs on a special OS that piggybacks on top of the existing Android OS. This allows you to use features such as calling, texting, GPS, music and podcast streaming, and can even be used as a hotspot. But that’s it — you can’t download any other unnecessary apps, such as social media, games, and pointless time-wasters.

The goal is to not necessarily highlight the negatives of apps such as Facebook and Instagram, but rather highlight the idea that when a phone is boring, there’s simply nothing mindless to do on it and so your time becomes available for other things.

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The BoringPhone has surpassed its Kickstarter goal, and is now available at $232 (around R3,290).

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