Sizzle In The Summer In Cape Town With The Hottest Beachwear

South Africa has been drawing plenty of attention from around the world, with Cape Town International Airport stating that  5.3 million passengers visited from 2017 to 2018. This report means that tourism rose 3% compared to the previous year. And with Cape Town being one of the most popular tourist destinations in SA, it is not surprising that tourists and locals alike often make their way to this city during January to enjoy the hot summer sun, gorgeous beaches, and summer attractions. Summer wouldn’t be complete without the hottest beachwear. Check out these summer 2020 swimwear  trends that will surely sizzle this summer.


The 70s favourite Tie-dye print has been making a steady comeback this past season, so we’re not surprised to see this trend make it into the 2020 swimwear fashion. This print is colorful and heavily related to the hippie movement. As a result, it fits into the sustainable DIY attitude of modern fashion.

Shiny Metallics

Want to be the centre of attention this summer? Look out for metallic swimwear that will surely make a splash this summer with their eye-catching patterns that are guaranteed to compete with the sun. A sports bra-style bikini caught everyone’s attention at Nookie with shining silver fabric, while a metallic gold string bikini was a head-turner at Nessy’s Swimwear event.

Roaring Animal Prints

Old trend that never fades? This summer’s trend is all about  gorgeous animal print beachwear. For the past few seasons, faux animal prints have been going strong in all categories. During  Miami’s summer fashion week, all manners of animal prints were used, including zebra, and snakeskin. So, if you’re ready to embrace your inner tigress, aim for the hottest prints like tiger and leopard designs.

Bold and Beautiful Orange

Perfect for any skin tone, bold colors like a bright orange will give your look a fun aesthetic.  This warm, cheerful color looks great with every skin tone and speaks volumes for summer vibes. Not to mention, solid one-pieces are just what your summer style needs, especially when paired with a wide-brimmed hat and bold sunglasses.
Your summer in Cape Town means enjoying long days, clear blue skies, and clear water; which sets the perfect tone for cooling down your sun-kissed skin. Whether you want to ride the waves, soak up the sun on the beach, or explore the many tourist attractions in the area, packing your beach essentials and swimwear is always a must for your summer adventure.
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