Skincare 101: The Difference Between Oils, Serums, & Concentrates Explained


With so many types skincare products on the market and so brands and new developments to keep tabs on, figuring out which products to use on your skin can be all sorts of confusing. Three products that consumers often get confused with are oils, serums, and concentrates. While each of these products can work wonders on your skin knowing the difference between them, and how they work can save you a lot of headaches, and money in the long run. Here Optiphi product expert, Stephanie-Anne breaks down the differences of each, and how to add it to your skincare regime:


Face oils usually contain plant extracts and essential oils, with the specific purpose to provide lipids to the skin for extra nourishment. Oils are usually applied after a moisturiser, due to its larger molecular structure, to lock in the goodness of a moisturiser and to target the outermost layers of the skin. Skin oils are particularly great for treating oil-dry skin, mature skin and skin’s exposed to very cold temperatures.

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A serum is an added step to an already existing skincare regime to provide a boost to the skin or to target a specific problem, such as wrinkles, dehydration, or redness. The formulation is water based, with a small molecular size to enable deeper penetration into the skin. Ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, or anti-oxidants will often be used in serums and this product should be applied after cleansing, prior to a moisturiser or added to your moisturiser.

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Concentrates are very similar to serums in that they contain concentrated amounts of ingredients to target specific problems in the skin, whether a dull appearance or a pimple. Majority of the time, a concentrate only consists of one ingredient such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or Rosehip to provide a targeted boost to the skin where needed. A concentrate can be used alone or in conjunction with a serum or as a spot treatment.

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