Forget Expensive Makeup Remover, this Facial Cleansing Mitten is All You Need! [Review]

We can all agree that makeup is truly the best thing since sliced bread. But really, what did we do before the wonders of mascara, lipstick, and blush? But of course, getting the stuff off at the end of the day can be a real chore and up until now I was convinced that expensive makeup removers were the way forward, especially when trying to remove stubborn eye makeup. But, ladies this truly is a wonderful time to be alive because I have discovered the oh-so-fabulous Smitten. Be warned, this insanely simple addition to your beauty routine will ruin you for other facial cleansers and makeup removers – in fact, it will have you tossing them out the door. Here’s why I am besotted with the Smitten Facial Cleansing Mitten.

I’ve tried a lot of facial cleansers and makeup removers in my day – from wipes to creams, oils, and more, I’ve tried them all but I must say the Smitten is by far my favourite way to cleanse and remove makeup so far. I’m going to be honest, when it comes to my skin I am quite possibly the laziest woman on earth and I’m embarrassed to admit that some nights I go to bed without cleansing my face. I don’t wear much make-up on a daily basis – just mascara and eyeliner – so it’s easy to use a quick slick of eye makeup remover, brush my teeth and jump into bed. It’s shocking I know but some nights I just can’t bear to haul out my cleanser, moisturiser and serums and slog through the 10-minute routine. Which is why I fell completely in love with the Smitten.

With the Smitten there is no real need for cleaners or makeup remover; all you need is your trusty Smitten and some hot water and you are good to go! The cute little facial mitten fits over your hand and allows you to cleanse using nothing but water. The micro-fibre material it is made from allows you to safely and effectively remove bacteria and dirt without the need for soaps and suds. The Smitten is also non-bacterial forming and suitable for all skin types – dry, allergenic, acne prone or sensitive.


My favourite thing about the Smitten is that it removes makeup like an absolute bomb, even stubborn eye makeup, and I’m starting to think there must be some sorcery involved. This little gem even removes waterproof mascara just using hot water! You simply hold the smitten over your eye area for 10 seconds, wipe and it’s gone. Of course, if you’re the type of gal who likes the squeaky clean feeling of using a cleaner then you can use your favourite cleanser along with your Smitten. I usually dollop a little bit of cleanser on my face after hitting the gym or after a long hot day sweating in the summer heat but, most nights I’m happy to simply swipe my face with this little gem and follow with a serum and moisturiser.

Using the mitten is super simple – start off with a pre-cleanse as normal with just water or your face wash; next wet your Smitten under hot water to get the fibres activated, slip your hand in and gently massage your face to remove any excess make-up and dirt. Before you put it away wash your Smitten with normal soap, ring out and hang up to dry – that’s it! The Smitten Facial Mitten is reusable and needs to be replaced approximately every three months so it’s a great investment for your bathroom and travel bag.

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In addition to the Original Smitten (a delicate fine-weave face-cleansing mitt for ladies that cleans clogged pores and removes eye and face make-up, as it gently exfoliates) the range also offers a version for men (the Smitt is a men’s savvy face wash mitt with wedge-shaped fibres that “grab” particles of oil, dirt, and the bacteria into the internal structure of the cloth and away from the skin) and babies (the Smitty is a revolutionary baby cleansing mitt made from super soft microfibre that looks and feels fluffy).

For more information visit the Smittens South Africa website. You can also buy your Smitten online from for R110 each. 

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