Sneaker Shack Opens in Joburg to Keep Your Kicks Clean & Fresh!

Sneaker Shack

The sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but keeping your kicks looking fresh to death can be a full-time job on its own. Luckily for Joburg lasses, a new pop-up shop is taking the graft out of having whiter than white sneakers. Based in Hobart Centre in Bryanston, the folks over at Sneaker Shack are offering a cool pop-up store experience for anyone looking to keep their sneakers in the best condition.

They bill themselves as a Sneaker Valet service, where you can bring dirty or beat-up sneakers and they’ll use their expertise and special products to get your sneakers looking back to their original-best.

Sneaker Shack


With the depths of summer fast approaching, all-white sneakers are going to be making appearances on everyone’s feet, but a key consideration when rocking all-white kicks is that they look best when they’re pristine and don’t have any scuffs or greyed out areas.

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Rather than taking the risk of tossing what could be pricey sneakers into a pillowcase and running them through a wash cycle, check out Sneaker Shack and let them advise you on the best way to restore some of your footwear to its previous lustre!

For more information check out Sneaker Shack on Facebook.

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