This Blogger Uses a Sock to Perfectly Blend Her Foundation! [Watch]

sock beautyblender

Forget splashing out on expensive makeup brushes, sometimes your best makeup application tools can be found lying around the house, or in the laundry basket! While the Beautyblender is making waves as the best tool for blending your foundation and other makeup, beauty blogger, Mayra Isabel has just discovered a much more affordable, and effective way to blend your foundation. That’s right ladies, it’s time to reach into that sock drawer and get blending! Here’s how to perfectly blend your foundation using nothing but a sock.

In her quick video tutorial Mayra Isabel explains how she came up with the unusual hack and points out that, when it comes to blending in your foundation, not all socks are created equal. The blogger explains that the hack only works using socks that have a thick cushion on the ankle or the toes. The foundation can be applied using either the soft toe or ankle cushion in the sock by twisting and rolling the sock together to form a blending tool.

After seeing her results in the video we can’t wait to try this trick at home – it really is crazy how well it blends the foundation and the great news it can also be used to perfect your contour and apply concealer into tiny corners under the eye area.

Watch the full tutorial here:

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