South Africans’ Online Behaviour Reveals Booming Industries

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South African consumers have had to embrace a revised way of living and shopping in recent times, and in doing so, have showcased some interesting habits and behaviours with regards to what and how they buy.

Taking a deeper look at what products and categories have seen growth and what trends have influenced this, it’s clear that South African consumers are embracing the stay-at-home philosophy, and broadening their health and fitness accessories, along with showing more interest in their past-times and passions.

• Exercise equipment – saw a 200% growth which only had a 10% increase in 2019
• Puzzles, games and books – saw a huge surge with a 456% increase year-on-year
• Kitchen and homeware products – saw between 40% and 300% growth across all items
• DIY products – a staggering 300% growth compared to the 30% growth in 2019

Seeing this diversity in product interests, it’s important for an online store to be flexible when it comes to trending products, and looking at purchasing trends of other countries over the same period, it appears that people from all over the world opted to spend their time constructively on DIY and home-based entertainment activities. Having the ability to adapt to new categories can help a small business drive a lot of interest around its products.

Clearly, there are business opportunities in these product categories online, so whether your ultimate goal is working for yourself full-time or a passion project you’d love to start on the side, now is a better time than ever to explore your peripheral ventures. If you’re looking to build your own online store to embrace any of the above categories (or others), setting up your online eCommerce store isn’t that difficult thanks to Digitise.

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