Steers Launches Create-Your-Own Burger Option with Loads of Free Toppings!

Steers my burger

South African will tell you that nothing hits the spot quite like a Steers burger, but what if you could create your own Steers burger complete with hand-picked toppings, sauces and more? Sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s not a dream, it’s now a super awesome reality because Steers has recently launched a brand-new create-your-own burger option on their already expansive menu. It’s a dream come true for fussy eaters who spend their lives removing slices of tomato, gherkin, and more from their burger before tucking in. Here’s the low-down on the Steers ‘My Burger’ menu option that is causing a stir on the fast food scene.

The new burger option is available at selected Steers branches only and for just R39.90 you can choose to create-your-own burger choosing between a range of patty, topping and sauce options to create the exact burger you’ve been craving. The new menu item allows customers to order using a custom menu sheet which allows you to tick off the items you want so the kitchen can create your burger.

Choose from a 100g beef patty, chicken breast, or veg patty and then add toppings of your choice for FREE! Yes, there’s no extra charge for toppings and you can even have three different kinds of sauce if your heart desires. There are 18 free toppings and sauces available including gherkin, lettuce, red onion, avocado, potato crunch, cream cheese, Jalapeno, Rave sauce, relish, BBQ sauce, mustard, Mexican sauce, and mayo. Customers can choose to add one portion of each topping to their burger free of charge and can then also choose to add an extra patty, cheese slice or bacon to their burger at an extra charge.

For more information on the Steers ‘My Burger’ visit the Steers South Africa website

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