Sudio Regent Headphones Review — A Brand New Beat?

Swedish headphone specialists Sudio aren’t a brand name South Africans may be immediately familiar with, but they definitely should be. The company’s latest entry into their line-up is the Regent – a wireless, over-ear headphone set priced at R2,250, which utlises Bluetooth or a standard wired connection to link up with mobile or audio devices.

So what makes the Regent different? Well, for starters, the design is minimal yet pronounced enough to lie next to the more well-known names out there. Coming in either black or white, they’ve got a soft leather headband and the cups feature customisable caps, so you can switch out the look to match your subdued or flamboyant style. They’re somewhat “portable”, being able to be folded up, but it wouldn’t be recommended to throw into any old bag, as the arms (when retracted) that hold the cups do protrude a little and there’s no carry bag.

Overall, the Regents feature a solid design, with a simple, classic look. The Bluetooth sync button and accompanying volume buttons could be a little less “clicky”, more identifiable from one another, and designed sturdier; but it’s a minor nuance that can be overlooked.

But of course, what really matters is the audio quality, and thankfully, the Regent delivers. The sound is warm and punchy without being drowned in bass, providing a much more plug-and-play option for those looking for a strong, albeit balanced sound. There aren’t any tuning or EQ capabilities on the headphones themselves, so you’ll have to rely on the device being used to tinker with sound settings. The standard audio output is great though, with instrument separation being fantastic, if you’re listening to some well-recorded stuff, of course.

The Sudio Regent uses Bluetooth 4.1 to pair to devices, which gives you up to about 8-10 metres of range, which is more than you need if you’re hanging around your home or living room (unless you live in a sporadic, palatial abode). The battery life is claimed to be around 24-hours long, which we do back up, having used the headphones for a few extended sessions equating to that.

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The Sudio Regent headphones aren’t for the audiophile looking for the purist sound appreciation, but rather for those in need of a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for use in the office or at play. For the price range (R2,250), there’s not too much that’ll give you the same accessibility, and they’re pretty slick-looking to boot.

Sudio is also offering a discount to WomenStuff readers, offering them 15% off their purchase of a pair of Sudio Regent headphones. Just use the code WOMENSTUFF15 at checkout to knock off 15% and grab your pair for R1912.50. Not bad at all.

*Disclaimer: WomenStuff was provided the headphones for review. Opinions are our own.

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