Suzelle DIY Launches Online Store!

Suzelle DIY

Don’t you hate it when you want to do some DIY at home but you don’t know where to shop for all your DIY tools and goodies? Well, fear not because the hilarious and wonderfully proficient Suzelle DIY has just launched her very own online store! Keep reading to find out more about the store and Suzelle’s latest DIY how-to video.

In her latest video Suzelle shows us how to fix a a hole in the wall using crack filler or toothpaste. It’s a super clever solution and the video is oh-so-funny. But what if you don’t have any crack filler? well, you can simply pop on to Suzelle’s online store and buy some for just R29.99! The store sells the RhinoLite Crack Filler from Suzelle’s video and she even shows you how to use the complimentary multi-tool for a no mess, no waste and no fuss application.

Suzelle DIY

In addition to the crack filler the store will sell all sorts of other DIY goodies. We’re guessing new merchandise will be released with each new video. For now it’s just the crack filler and some Suzelle DIY merchandise. There are 3 Suzelle DIY mugs to choose from at the moment with more fan items to come in the future.

We can’t wait to see what else Suzelle’s got planned for the online store! Click here to visit the Suzelle DIY online store now!

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And, while you’re at watch Suzelle’s latest video here:

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