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South Africa might not be known for being a digital hub yet, but we’ve got a few companies and developers that are putting South Africa’s name on the app-map thanks to some brilliant mobile applications.


While our mobile devices are perfect for social media and entertainment value (we do love a good cat video), one of the most important things to use them for is safety and security. Local developer My Online Presence has taken appreciation of this and built Mobi-Claw – a tactical rapid response-triggering app that provides support in an emergency situation. Where other emergecy apps can leave you bumbling through complicated menus, the Mobi-Claw app features a simple panic button and user-friendly interface to make the process of signalling for assistance as quick and effective as possible.

Download: iOS | Android


There are few things as annoying and repetitive as filling out forms for products and services you use – especially when those forms tend never to change, but you keep having to fill the same details in over and over. InterGreatMe is about to change personal documentation and how customers can engage with businesses. They offer a platform that allows the saving and safe sharing of personal documents so that when you need to take out a cellphone contract, apply for a loan, register for university, or get a car license, you don’t need to keep doing the same thing repeatedly. Simply keep a current log of all your personal info and documents and InterGreatMe can be the intermediary you refer people to.

Download: iOS | Android


Printing out receipts and slips at almost all retailers or service providers is still common practice, despite the fact that almost all of those pieces of paper end up in bins or stashed in your cubbyhole for the next six months. EcoSlips is providing a more environmentally friendly and convenient way of keeping up to date with your transactions, though. Retailers can link their point-of-sale devices to the app, which then sends digital transaction proof to a customer’s phone. All the convenience and information without the tons of wasted paper!

Download: Android


Shyft won the MTN Business App of the Year award, and for good reason. It was designed for Standard Bank, and gives users the ability to handle all their Forex activity straight from the app. You can purchase and store foreign currency, transfer funds overseas, and even create virtual cards to use for international shopping. This is a necessity for all the jet-setters out there that need to make sure they can make their purchases in the currency they need, and Shyft makes it quick and effortless.

Download: iOS | Android

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If your schedule is too jam-packed to allow you to pick up all your groceries or shopping, or if you’re just too chilled out on the couch to pop down to the store – Zulzi’s delivery platform has you covered. It’s effectively like Uber for deliveries, so whatever you need from a store in your area will be dropped off within an hour. Don’t stand in annoying shopping queues if you don’t have to, and if you’ve got a favourite or routine order you can even repeat it at the tap of a button!

Download: iOS | Android

Anything from small business to individual service providers can benefit from an app or custom-built software to boost your business; but it can be a daunting process. My Online Presence‘s expertise is in creating customised solutions depending on client requirements, so if you’re thinking of taking your company or yourself up a level get in touch with them and let them get you there!

My Online Presence's

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