The 6 Best Shoes for Every Type of Workout

Puma Ignite

Any woman knows that you can ever have enough pairs of shoes. And, thanks to the athleisure trend, trainers have become a whole lot sexier. These days our wardrobes are filling up with trainers and sneakers and it won’t be long until we have a collection of gym shoes for every type of workout and then some (because shopping with the girls counts as a workout too!). Of course, with so many incredible trainers and sneakers to choose from, selecting the right shoe for you and your needs can be as tricky as finding the perfect LBD for your cousin’s wedding next week. To take the guesswork out of shopping for new trainers and sneakers, we’ve put in the hard graft for you with this list of the best shoes for every type of workout.


Trying to find the right running shoe for your needs can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused – especially when you see so many different types on the shelf. If only it was as easy as choosing the coolest looking shoe but buying the wrong running shoes can ruin your run if they don’t provide the right support and cushioning for your running style. The incorrect running shoe can also lead to injury and have you sitting out for weeks at a time waiting to recover.

It’s important to choose the right running shoe for your running style. Running experts have narrowed down running styles and shoes into three categories. Maximum support running shoes offer the most support and control and are designed to slow down excessive pronation. A maximum support shoe will also be made up of higher density materials on the inner side of the midsole to stop it from collapsing as the heel rolls onto it. Structured stability shoes are the most popular category of training shoes and offer a good blend of motion control and cushioning for mild pronation. They are not as heavy and controlling as maximum support running shoes, but still offer excellent support. Neutral cushioned shoes generally have no motion control features and are lighter than other running shoes. They are built on a curved or semi-curved sole to encourage faster movement and feel softer under-foot.

Our picks:

Adidas Adizero Adios 3

Type: Road Shoe | neutral cushioned shoes.
Price: Available online from Totalsports at R 1,899.

Adidas Adizero Adios 3

Considered one of the world’s best running shoes, the Adidas Adios 3 is the latest version of the shoe worn by Dennis Kimetto when he set the marathon world record of 2:02.57 in 2014. For this version, Adidas tweaked the outsole to improve flexibility, traction in wet and dry conditions, and durability while the mesh and suede-like upper feels softer and fits larger feet than previous versions.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2

Type: Road Shoe | neutral cushioned shoes.
Price: Available online from Totalsports at R 1,499.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2

This women’s neutral cushioned running shoe is built for fast speeds. The aggressive toe spring and new midsole design allows you to get off the mark quicker than before and gives you the support you need to lead the pack. The forefoot of this shoe is more cushioned, and the outsole has thicker rubber with tiny cuts to improve flexibility.

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If you’re the type of gal who likes to keep things interesting by doing a variety of athletic activities, ranging from aerobics to the gym, and more then a multi-tasking cross-training shoe may be the best choice for you. While some shoes are created for specific activities (such as running, tennis, or netball), a cross-training shoe offers a versatile option that can meet the needs of different types of workouts that include everything from the occasional jog to activities like aerobics, weight training, or kickboxing. Runner’s knee and early-onset arthritis are just two of the problems that arise from exercising in the wrong sneakers. Shoes designed to compensate for the impact of your feet can prevent injuries and improve structural alignment and performance and finding the right cross-training show will offer enough support for all your workout needs.

Our picks:

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Shoe

Type: Best circuit training shoe.
Price: Available online from Totalsports at R 2,099.

Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Shoe

The signature stretchy knit upper on this lightweight and flexible shoe makes it perfect for those who mostly attend gym classes like Sweat1000, Switch Playground, and the like. This shoe will feel perfectly snug against your foot and its nonslip outsole will offer you support when you’re performing even the most intense kicks, lateral movements or jumps. Built to help you conquer anything from short runs to high-intensity training, you can’t go wrong this hybrid wonder.

Puma Pulse Ignite XT Swan

Type: Best for bootcamp.
Price: Available online from Totalsports at R 1,599.

Puma Pulse Ignite XT Swan

If jumping jacks, stairs, and outdoor sprints are your jam, then these are the shoes for you. They’ll take you from the cardio machines to bootcamp with absolute ease all while providing you with a super comfortable, secure fit. The low-profile Pulse IGNITE XT Swan is one of Puma’s most dynamic cross-training shoes for women and is designed to adapt to the boldness and flexibility of any workout. This lightweight fitness shoe combines a full-length flex groove for dynamic multi-directional movement with Puma’s famous IGNITE foam for superior energy return.

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Squash and Tennis

When it comes to court shoes there are loads of different factors to consider – especially if you want to prevent injury and up your game. Squash and tennis players will want to consider things like grip, durability, comfort, cushioning, and weight of the shoe before investing in a good pair of squash shoes. While most squash and tennis players frequently spend most of their time researching the best rackets for their games, choosing the right shoes is also super important. Many recreational players use their regular trainers on the squash and tennis courts but regular sports trainers are mostly designed for forward movement and are generally not built to support the back and forth actions along the baseline, charging forward for a close call and the quick pivoting that both tennis and squash demands. Tennis and squash shoes prevent the foot from moving in the shoe, provide the stability to change direction very quickly and most importantly, will help prevent injury.

Our pick:

Adidas Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe

Type: Best for stability, durability and comfort.
Price: Available online from Totalsports at R 2,499.

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Known for its durability, the Barricade has been a tour favourite for years, gracing the feet of the likes of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Kei Nishikori. Geared for stability, these women’s tennis shoes have a breathable two-layer mesh upper that wraps the foot snugly for a secure lockdown. These lightweight shoes are reinforced with what Adidas calls ADITUFF to resist abrasion while slamming serves and sliding making them a worthwhile long-term investment for any tennis player. They also offer more responsive cushioning than any Barricade shoe before which means the more energy you give, the more cushioning you get.

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Most recreational netball players are guilty of playing in the wrong shoes. If you play the game then you know that netball involves rapid acceleration, sudden and rapid changes in direction, stopping, balance and jumps which also means that the game places many demands on a player’s body and joints. It’s easy for injuries to occur on the netball court, especially if you’re wearing the incorrect shoes. Netball shoes are built specially to cope with the rigorous demands of the game, more so than your regular trainers or running shoes, and are specifically designed to give the player more traction and protect the feet from the specific stresses encountered during a game. In a top-end netball shoe, the differences in design and variations in material, weight, lacing characteristics and other factors are considered to protect the areas of the feet that encounter the most stress.

Our pick:

Asics Netburner Super 7 Shoe

Type: Best for stability, durability and comfort.
Price: Available online from Totalsports at R 1,999.

Asics Netburner Super 7 Shoe
Netball requires a shoe that can handle short bursts of multi-directional movement, jumping, and pivoting and the GEL-Netburner Super 7 netball shoe is built to help you handle all that and then some. Offering side foot support and a personalised heel fit, that moulds to your foot over time, this netball shoe provides optimal comfort and stability as you move across the court. Other features include rear foot and forefoot GEL for soft, cushioned landings and Solelyte midsole material for reduced weight of the sole without compromising on the structural integrity of the shoe.

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