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We’re all keenly familiar with the ‘Proudly South African’ slogan and brand. Supporting local business over international options should be a priority for everyone, especially when the SA economy could use every boost the market can provide.

Now, buying your groceries and some clothing locally is a good start, but consumers might be surprised to know we’ve got other products and services locally available – one of them being innovative and forward-thinking software and web development firm My Online Presence. If you use a local software company to develop a solution, what do you stand to gain?


This one, as a result of the exchange rates, should be quite apparent right off the bat. Getting in touch with a software developer that you’ll pay in Rands is a better prospect than using services you may end up having to pay for in dollars or euros. Your budget will probably stretch a bit further using a local service provider rather than an overseas firm.

Custom Solutions are Better Discussed in Person

If you’re going the custom route because your company requires software with tailor-made functionality, then it’ll be easier to coordinate with a firm in your own country. Often meeting in person will mean you get to describe what it is you want better, and the developer will be able to begin the development process with more information. This is particularly important for more complex tasks, since any miscommunications or misunderstandings can end up with a product that doesn’t resemble what the client wanted and what the developer understood was being asked for.

A Local Firm Understands the Market

A local company will have a keener understanding of the local market because they’ll have engaged with clients in that market frequently and understand SA market behaviour. This makes the collaboration process more valuable because the developers could be useful in providing recommendations or tips for getting the most out of your software. Clients might understand what they need well, but they can benefit from hearing how the experts would execute a solution and possibly incorporating some of that advice into their own solution.

They’ll Be Familiar with Legal Issues

This might seem like something small, but considering how data protection laws differ and are constantly being updated, it’s actually a critical issue. If your software solution deals with customers’ personal information you need to be aware of what functions and security, considerations have to be implemented to properly protect that data. A local firm will know of those better than an overseas one where laws might be different, so they won’t know what to account for and it will leave all the research work in the hands of the client.

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International firms and products offer a lot of benefits, but often using a local company provides more benefits than detriments. If you’re in the market to level your business up with new or first time software, get in touch with the team at My Online Presence and hear how they can help you!

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