The Best Diving Spots in South Africa

South Africa is renowned all over the world for its wildlife and unique natural environments – but often when we think of SA’s nature, we think of what’s on land. It might surprise some people to learn that what we’ve got underwater is equally impressive, and if diving is your thing there are a few places that should be on your list to see.

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Here are the must-visit diving spots around SA:

Protea Banks (Sardine Run) – KZN

This is a dive spot you could visit any time of year, but to experience the ‘Sardine Run’ you’ll need to be there during June and July. During this time of year, huge schools of sardines gather as they come from the Cape to Natal, and divers can mingle with the trekking schools cageless and able to enjoy the full experience.

Uniforms (Sodwana Bay) – KZN

The entire Sodwana bay area is a treasure-trove of aquatic attractions, but the Uniform dive area is a particularly appealing spot. It has a lot of wildlife to keep an eye out for – from turtles to Tiger Angelfish – and it also offers a diverse range of coral, too.

Shark Alley – KZN

As the name would suggest, this dive is probably better suited to more experienced divers or serious adrenalin junkies. This site consists of a sandstone reef that’s over 80,000 years old, and during the second half of the year, is host to a bunch of Ragged Tooth sharks, and throughout the summer, even has Tiger and Hammerhead Sharks passing through.

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