The Best Online Sales to Take Advantage of this Month!

Asos makeup

After the notoriously frantic December period retailers experience a period of (relative) calm, which usually results in some welcome sales to entice shoppers. If there’s still some stuff you need that you didn’t discover under your tree or in your Christmas stocking, have a look at some of these online sales and see if they’ve got some of what you need!

First step: sign up to Postbox Courier – this will help you ship any of the below sales (and a whole lot more) to your home in the beautiful Republic of SA. Now check out the deals below:

ASOS – Up to 70% off


ASOS is another renowned UK website that has made the fast-fashion market their area of expertise, and they’re currently running an up-to-70%-off sale. You’re going to struggle to find a store that carries the amount of stock that ASOS does, and that keeps as up to date with their range. Not only do they carry a massive variety of brands, they’ve also got their own in-house brand that provides most essentials at affordable prices, so whether you’re looking to stock up on makeup and goodies for the year, or if you’ve got a more significant purchase in mind, ASOS will have hundreds of things you’ll be keen to fill your wardrobe and drawers with

Check out the sale here

Amazon – Up to 80% off

Amazon deal

Amazon, being the king of the e-retail segment, makes sense since they pioneered the digital shopping platform, so one would expect that they’d stay on top of the sale game, too. Indeed, the actually do, and they actually offer daily Lightning Deals where you can get up to 80% off on selected items. It rotates fast, though, so if you spot something you like you should decide quickly, but if you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy just check in the next day to see if something new has popped up.

Check out the sale here.

Halfords – Up to 40% off 

This UK retailer has a range of goods that will make your eyes pop. Everything from cycling equipment, camping gear, tools, and automotive accessories can be found on their shelves. They’re currently running their ‘Big January Sale’ where they’ve put a dozens of products up at slashed prices. The only catch with their products is that you’ll need to pay attention to the size of the product as it’ll affect the shipping quite significantly.

Check out the sale here

Okayama Denim – Up to 40% off

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Japanese Selvedge Denim

Those in the know claim that Japanese denim is the most long-lasting and comfortable available. This is primarily due to fact that the Japanese denim brands located specifically in the Okayama prefecture tend to use traditional methods to produce their denim, as well as high quality materials, which sets their products apart from mass-produced products that often compromise on quality. While they’re quite pricy when it comes to pairs of jeans, the durability you can expect from them will make it a worthwhile investment. Check out their holiday sale for some great denim and other fashion options!

Check out the sale here.

But how do I get my goods to SA?

Sales in SA are getting better and better, but a few countries in the world have truly perfected the art of the sale. If you see something from an overseas retailer that you just have to have but it isn’t shipped to our sunny shores – then let the folks at Postbox Courier get it here for you!

Postbox Courier can help you out with their international shipping solutions by coordinating overseas orders from retailers that may have limited shipping destinations (and signing up with them is FREE). They’ll even combine several orders for you if you’ve got shipments coming in from different locations. Got orders coming from Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and New York? Postbox Courier will combine them all and get you your goods in one combined shipment.

Want more information on costs? Email with a link to your wishlist and they can calculate how much you will have to pay in import charges.

To find out more about PostBox-Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the PostBox Courier website here.

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