The Best Parcel Forwarding Company for South African Shoppers

South Africa has so many fantastic retailers and online stores, but searching the greater World Wide Web out there, one can find some niche and specialist shops that we just don’t usually get access to down here in the good ole RSA.

Everything from designer fashion outlets to bespoke video game stores are available abroad, not to mention to wealth of goodies on the likes of eBay, Amazon, and other retailers. However, while some do send product our way, most of these online stores are region-locked, only delivering their goods within the country, state, or area they’re located. We get, logistics are complicated, but a South African postal company, Postbox Courier, has solved this issue, allowing you to buy and send from any international store right back to your doorstep in SA.

Thanks to Parcel Forwarding Services, shoppers now have options, but finding a company that you can trust is the challenge. There are a lot of options available online, but as most online shoppers know, not everybody is trustworthy. Thankfully, Postbox Courier is not only a local South African company, but we’ve put them to the test!

Postbox Courier

Postbox Courier specialises in getting parcels from the US, UK, Australia, and China to South Africa. which opens up a lot of amazing previously-unavailable retailers for your shopping indulgence. Furthermore, even if those said retailers don’t ship to South Africa, Postbox Courier will be the intermediary that gets it to you.

With Postbox Courier, you get a personal postbox address in New York City, London, and other hubs across the world. You can then use this address when checking out on the online store to send the package there, and the trusty team at Postbox Courier will ensure to get it from there right back here to your doorstep in the good ole Republic.

The even better news is that registering with Postbox Courier is FREE, quick and easy and once you’ve registered you’ll get your very own delivery address in the UK, Hong Kong, US and Australia. Then, when it comes time to shop all you need to do is have your goods delivered to your most appropriate address.

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Plus, if you’re not sure what the cost will be to import you can just drop them an email at with your wishlist and they will calculate how much you will have to pay in import charges and courier fees – this will help you decide on whether or not to purchase.

To find out more about Postbox Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the Postbox Courier website here.

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