The Crazy Store Continues to Dazzle with Quirky New Additions to the Thingamajig Range [Review]

Crazy Store Thingamajig

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am next level obsessed with The Crazy Store. I don’t know what it is about the place but I can’t walk past one of their shops without popping in for a quick browse. And, just when I thought I didn’t need any more reasons to visit The Crazy Store, the clever sausages go ahead and release an oh-so-fun new collection to the much loved Thingamajig range. If you’re not familiar with the Thingamajig range from The Crazy Store it’s time to educate yourself because it’s only the best thing in the history of ever. The clever new range of goodies offers a wide array of colourful, quirky, and oh-so-sweet kitchen tools, handy gadgets, novelty homeware, and party products that are ideal to give as memorable gifts or to use in your own home. And the great news is, with most Thingamajigs under R50, it’s so affordable you won’t break your budget buying any of it! Here’s a look at the new collection of must-have bits and bobs available in stores now.

The thing I love most about the Thingamajig range is that there are new items launching all the time so there’s never a shortage of fun things to discover or gifting ideas to find. Kevin Lennett, Managing Director of The Crazy Store, says “we are continually changing, refreshing, updating and introducing new Thingamajigs into the range, this means that our regular customers can come and see new and interesting Thingamajigs on offer. We believe this is a very important part of the brand’s continued success and it ties in perfectly with The Crazy Store’s motto ‘Hey, you never know what you might find!’ What’s more, every Thingamajig is tried and tested so if it isn’t fun or up to scratch, they won’t sell it, which means you can be sure they’ll be top quality and loads of fun.

Crazy Store Thingamajig
I got the chance to try out a few goodies from the new collection and as a fan of the Thingamajig range I am thrilled to report that these news goodies truly live up to the Thingamajig name. For starters, the range is all about making breakfast fun again with a nifty Perfect Poaching Egg Poacher (R49,99) and super cute Egg Moulds (R29,99 per set). Making poached eggs is beyond easy with the handy little egg poaching gadget – simply place the egg poacher in boiling water, crack the egg into the mesh pocket and wait for it to cook. For even more fun with eggs, you have to try the boiled egg moulds! Forget eating boring boiled eggs, these four super cute moulds allow you to shape your  boiled eggs into the shape of a bear, sea shell, heart, or bunny and brighten up your morning. I don’t have kids (I’m just a big kid who loves cutesy food) but I’m pretty sure this one will be a big hit with parents who have to deal with fussy eaters day in and day out.

Crazy Store Thingamajig
It might be winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the novelty floaty trend that has taken South African pools by storm. The new Thingamajig collection offers an affordable way to jump on-board this trend with a super fun Float-mingo Inflatable Drinks Holder (R19,99). With this tropical flamingo drink float you can truly float your drink in style! Trust me, this is definitely an investment you should make now before summer rears its beautifully head again. Plus, while you wait for warmer weather you can use it in the bath to hold your beer.

Crazy Store ThingamajigThe range also offers some great storage solutions – both big and small. The Bucket List Storage Container (R39,99) is ultra cute and is the perfect way to store your pens and other stationery in a fun way. If you’re a neat freak you will also love the range of colourful Storage Blocks (R29,99). These stackable boxes are building blocks for adults and allow you to build, clean, and play at the same time. Whether you stack them or use them for storage, these blocks will keep things fun and help you save space.

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Another cute addition is the Boots for All Multi-purpose Holder (R49,99) – these boot shaped mini holders can be used to hold all sorts of things from your toothbrush to stationery, and even makeup brushes. This super cute little holder is sure to be a win with little ones and ‘kidults’ alike.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to head down to The Crazy Store to shop up a storm as the Thingamajig range will be available in over 330 Crazy Stores from 25 June 2018! For more information visit

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