The First Trailer for Disney’s Live-action Beauty & the Beast is Here! [Watch]

Beauty and the best

Twenty-six years after Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast swept into theaters, the official, full-length trailer for the studio’s live-action version is finally here! Starring Emma Watson as Belle the latest edition of Beauty and the Beast looks like it’s going to tug at our heart strings just as much as the original did.

And, talking about tugging at the heart strings, the trailer, which features the same (but different) talking clocks, candelabras, and teacups has us remembering just how darn much we loved the original animated version. The full-length trailer gives us a first glimpse at the Beast (played by Dan Stevens) as well as other beloved characters from the original and gives the impression that the live-action version won’t stray very far from the story and imagery we have come to love so very much over the years. The trailer even includes some shot-for-shot replicas of scenes from its animated predecessor — including the iconic moment where Belle and the Beast meet in the ballroom after descending opposite staircases!

Watch the full trailer below:

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Beauty and the Beast will hit theatres on March 23, 2017.

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