The Suite Life: How to Transform Your Bed at Home into a Luxury Hotel Bed


We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, and the wanderlust is real! While you might not be able to pack your bags and jet off to a luxurious hotel in an exotic location at the moment, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the luxury of a hotel stay into your bedroom at home. In fact, transforming your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite is a lot easier than you might think. The best way to bring a little touch of hotel living into your bedroom is by focusing on your bed. By increasing the comfort of your bed you’ll feel like you’ve had a chance to escape, even for a little while, just by climbing into bed each night.

To help spark your imagination and guide your transformation we spoke to Camilla Swart, Manufacturing Manager at Linen Drawer, to get her best tips on bringing the spirit of the suite life home. These easy-to-implement suggestions will help you transform your bed at home into a luxury hotel bed and are sure to help quell your wanderlust until you can travel again.

Invest in good quality linen

Turbine Hotel Knysna

When it comes to choosing bed linens, opt for mainly all-white bedding, says Camilla. Most hotels use white linen on the beds. This will give the room a feeling of newness and cleanliness and turn your room into a sanctuary of note.

Ensure that your linen is of good quality. This, more than just the thread count will be the deciding factor when it comes to sleep comfort and also the look of the bed linen after a number of washes. Most hotels use bed linen that has a thread count of 200 (threads per square inch) ideally in a pure cotton percale construction. Quality pure cotton bed linen makes the linen feel softer and allows your skin to breath while you sleep and also has hypoallergenic properties. But it’s not just about comfort, good quality bed linen also lasts longer, making it a worthwhile investment even for budget-conscious buyers.

Ditch the fitted sheet

fitted sheet

The next time you’re in a hotel room, check out your hotel bed and you might notice something is missing: elastic. If you want hotel-level luxury it’s time to ditch the fitted sheet. Many hotels use an oversized flat sheet in place of a fitted sheet for the smoothest sleeping surface possible.

Splash out on pillows

Hotel room

When it comes to creating hotel-level comfort it’s important to splash out on pillows. The more pillows the better, down/feather pillows are a must. Camilla suggests you invest in a minimum of two luxury pillows, four is the sweet spot for maximum comfort. For decorative purposes, you can also add some accent cushions on top of your pillows to add a more elegant look to your bed.

Be a VIP at Club Duvet

Linen Drawer Cotton Duvet Inner

For a truly heavenly hotel bed feel, invest in a soft and top quality duvet, Camilla suggests either 90% duck down, or a 100% pure cotton duvet for the hot summer months.

If you can’t splash out on a separate duvet inner for each season, then a 100% pure cotton duvet inner is a great choice all year round. It’s breathable and very lightweight and will ensure your bed stays exactly the right temperature while you sleep. Cotton absorbs moisture (perspiration) during sleep, without leaving you feeling clammy and sweaty, and helps to regulate your ‘sleeping body’ temperature. So, whatever the variances in temperature, in your bedroom, throughout the night, you will be comfortable.

Starting from R819 for a single, Linen Drawer’s 100% pure cotton duvet inner is machine washable and can be line or tumble dried and it does not absorb odours and is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Upgrade your mattress

mattress topper

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If your budget doesn’t allow for you to invest in a fancy new mattress right now, then a mattress topper will help elevate the comfort of your bed for a fraction of the price. Even if you prefer a firm mattress, you could no doubt use a bit of fluff to lull you into dreamland. Adding a feather mattress topper to your bed is an easy way to mimic the dreamy, fluffy hotel bed feel without splashing out a mattress that cost as much as a small car.

Add a luxury touch with a throw


For a luxury look and feel, add a plush throw, ideally made from natural materials like cotton or wool, to the base of the bed. This will add a finishing touch to the look. If you’d like you can add a touch of colour here to accentuate the bed.

Finishing touches:

SALT of Palmar

Lastly, to finish off the look add a bed wrap. The bed wrap is used to decorate the base of the bed and enhances the look of the bed by adding a polished touch.

Visit the Linen Drawer online store for everything you need to transform your bed into a sanctuary. 

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