The Top 4 Designer Sunglasses for Women

A pair of sunnies should possess both the power to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and to boost your confidence in the style you flaunt with your outfits. And most importantly, it should be able to let you roll your eyes as much as you please or spy on other people without at all looking rude or suspicious.

All jokes aside, all women will agree that sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any stylish gal out there. It’s not just a terrific item for elevating your style, but it also provides several useful functions.

To celebrate the vast greatness of sunglasses everywhere, we’ve listed down our top picks for the best designer sunglasses of all time. If you find something here that you don’t have yet in your own personal collection, you can grab your own pair at the Oroton sunglasses shop.

1. Randolph Amelia

There could not have been a more fitting name for these iconic aviator sunglasses than that of the most renowned female pilot that ever graced the earth. That’s right, you got it, this model takes its name from the first-ever woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean: the one and only Amelia Earhart.

Its iconic teardrop silhouette is magical in the way that it manages to complement any face shape. It’s no secret why it’s our first choice for the best designer women for sunnies, generally speaking.

The Randolph Amelia also sports polarised lenses that work to cut down the glare, plus AGX lenses and blue light filtering technology to minimize eye fatigue. These amazing features make up a terrific fashion accessory, as well as a fantastic piece of protective eye gear.

2. Ray-Ban RB3025

Of course, it’s only right that the original propagator of the ever famous aviator sunglasses earns its own spot on our list.

Ray-Ban first put this type of sunglasses frame on the map way back in the 1930s. Ever since it first came to be, it’s gone through a lot of revamps and upgrades, all without ever sacrificing its classic ultimate look.

The Ray-Ban RB3025 is clear proof of that. It’s thin and noticeably more lightweight than its original counterpart, but it’s incredibly durable. It retains the ever timeless double bridge, so if you’re looking for the perfect pair that evokes that classic, nostalgic look, this is the way to go.

3. Auór Paloma

What’s the best way to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn? With a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, of course! Its vintage, girlish charm and perky vibe definitely brings a unique sense of character to any person’s style.

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The Auór Paloma is the perfect example of this. Its elongated cat-eye frame and smooth rounded edges instantly bring about that awe-inspiring air of celebrity glitz and glamour.

Auór sunglasses are designed with top-notch craftsmanship and premium material that never fail, so you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a pair that will stay with you for life!

4. Versace

There can’t be a list of posh and luxury sunglasses without a mention of Versace, a brand that is always at the absolute forefront of the latest trends in fashion.

Their famous frames are manufactured in Italy by the best expert optical craftsmen in the world. Any product of theirs is downright synonymous with glamour and luxury, which is why their sunnies are sought after and adorned by many famous faces, both on the red carpet and in the city streets.

You can’t go wrong with an elegant pair of Versace sunglasses that are sure to always keep you looking picture perfect and worthy of strutting down the runway.

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