Essential Waxing Dos & Don’ts to Keep You Stubble-Free For Longer

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Waxing definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but even those who are averted to waxing can’t deny the awesome benefits of not having to shave for a while. Of course, this super effective method of hair removal also has its pitfalls and it’s easy to fall into the trap of repeating common mistakes, causing ingrown hairs, skin irritations, and even painful burns along the way. So, whether you’re a waxing newbie or a veteran, you’ll want to brush up on these essential wax to ensure you get the most out of your wax.

Waxing dos:

Let it grow: The first trick to a successful wax is to ensure you have enough hair growth. Allow the hair to grow out for around two weeks before your appointment or at-home treatment as wax can’t adhere to stubble that’s too short.

Don’t forget to exfoliate: It’s important to remember to gently exfoliate before your wax, this will give the wax a clean surface to adhere to and ensure you really get to the root of your hair problems. As tempting as it might be to treat the skin after exfoliating you should try your best to avoid applying any creams, oils, or treatments to the area before your waxing appointment as this may cause the wax to be ineffective.


Comfort is key: You’re not trying to impress anyone at the beauty salon so if you’re up for a bikini wax, wear your comfiest granny panties before and after your waxing treatment as anything too tight or lacy will aggravate the area.

Show a little tenderness: Your skin will be sensitive after a wax so try to soothe any irritated skin and calm redness afterwards by applying a hair removal aftercare balm, like Fino Soothe Woman, immediately after waxing to soothe the tender skin and calm redness. Continue to apply the gel every day to ease the itchiness experienced when new hair growth comes through, and to prevent ingrown hair.

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Waxing don’ts:

Watch the calendar: If you can help it, don’t schedule a waxing appointment within three days prior to your period. Your skin is especially sensitive during this time so it’s bound to be more painful.

Plan ahead: If you have a special event coming up, don’t get waxed on the day as your skin might be red and sensitive for a day or two afterwards. Plan your calendar accordingly and give your skin time to heal before showing it off.

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Avoid the gym: While you might be tempted to show off your smooth new skin, it’s best to avoid exercising, wearing tight clothing, and too much sun exposure on the day of your appointment.

Go natural: Try not to use fragranced products on the area for a couple of days after a waxing appointment as this may cause ingrown hairs — what a nightmare!

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Give it time: You might be tempted to exfoliate again after your wax but it’s best to wait 48 hours after waxing before exfoliating the sensitive area to remove any dead skin.

Keep cool: It’s also important to avoid extremely hot showers, saunas, swimming pools and bathtubs for at least 24 hours after a wax — immersing your skin in water can allow bacteria to quickly find their way to your new exposed pores which can cause breakouts, ingrown hairs, and infections.

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