This Clever App is Helping Make the Mother City Greener

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Urban traffic is a well-known plague all across the world, with the world’s most populated cities all suffering from perpetually gridlocked car-conundrums. Parking in these cities also comes at a premium, since there generally just isn’t enough space to accommodate every inhabitant’s cars. A growing symptom of this crazy amount of traffic is the pollution within large cities, primarily caused by all the different modes of transport that converge in them. Air traffic is one major contributor, but cars are just as guilty of smogging up our skylines, and decreasing urban traffic is a conundrum in all major cities. Luckily for Capetonians, local app, ParkFind is going a long way to helping make Cape Town a little bit greener.

ParkFind helps to trim down on unnecessary cars in the city; the more aware people are about whether or not there’s parking available near their destination, the shorter their trips become and the fewer cars are unnecessarily on the road. If you see parking available, you can go straight to the nearest spot, without having to circle random street blocks ad nauseam until a parking spot mercifully becomes available. Secondly, if the potential for parking is just thoroughly impossible, many ParkFind users could reschedule when to go into town and save themselves petrol, and the atmosphere a few more CO2 particles.


The French came up with a novel approach for Paris that works to cut down on unnecessary traffic using their license plates. If a car has an even number at the end of its license plate it is permitted to enter the city on specific days, while the opposite is true for uneven numbers. It seems like a quirky approach, but we’re going to have to start thinking outside the box to tackle the growing issue of urban pollution – and ParkFind is one of the methods you can use to cut down your own carbon footprint.

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