This CT Takeaway Spot Gives Diners the Freedom to Order What They Can Afford

Safari #7

End of the month Salticrax, we’ve all been there. But what’s a young professional to do when it’s lunch time and all you have in your wallet is 10 bucks and a dusty button? Luckily for cash-strapped Capetonians looking for a bite in the city, Somali takeaway restaurant, Safari #7, offers a solution that will get you fed for a song. In addition to its comprehensive Somali-inspired menu, the eatery also offers the hungry the option to create a plate for you according to your budget.

The brainchild of Abdi Hussein, Safari #7, is inspired by the deep flavours of traditional Somali cuisine. Think unique dishes like shawarmas; Suqaar (sliced marinated beef sautéed Somali-style served on a bed of savoury rice); Kaluun Iyo Baris (fish and rice); homemade chapatis (flatbread similar to roti); and pancakes served with a variety of spiced meat and vegetables. If you’re after something sweet, be sure to try the homemade sorbet, cardamom and cinnamon-spiced Qahwe (Somali coffee) and Shaah (a traditional Somali Chai tea served with fresh baklava).

But, if you can’t afford any of those delicious eats on the menu, there’s also an option to give the restaurant your budget and they will create a meal for you based on what you can afford, and you can be assured it’s going to be something delicious! So, whether you have R10 or R50 for lunch, you’ll still be able to keep the wolves at bay.

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Find Safari #7 in the African Mall at 98 Long Street, Cape Town. The restaurant is open from 08:00 to 23:00 Monday to Saturday, and 08:00 to 21:00 on Sundays. 

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