This Hilarious Video of Moms Trying on Swimsuits Will Make Your Day [Watch]


We think we can all agree, swimsuit season is the worst. Luckily, now that winter is almost upon us, women across South Africa can collectively let out a sigh of relief that swimsuit season is finally coming to an end. Of course, even with winter fast approaching, we can still appreciate a good laugh at the emotional roller coaster that is swimsuit shopping. This hilarious video of two moms discussing and trying on the season’s latest swimsuits, is no doubt the best thing you’ll watch all week!

Created by the hilarious Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of the IMomSoHard video series, this video is for any woman who has ever screamed “WTF!” in a fitting room. Watch as the two women discuss what they’re expected to wear while navigating a beach day with kids.

“When I’m at the beach, I’m there to lifeguard, build sandcastles, supply treats, re-stand the umbrella every dang time it blows over, spray sunscreen, drink a beer, look for seashells, warm-up wet kiddos, force people to eat sandwiches and drink juice, blow up water-wings, and keep my son from publicly urinating. Basically, I’ve got a really fun job to do and I don’t have time to let a piece of lycra throw me off my game,” explains the IMomSoHard crew.

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