This is the Colour of 2018! Here’s How to Test it at Home Without Lifting a Brush

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Much like doing your first speech in Grade 3 English class or watching the Springboks, painting your walls can be a daunting and nerve-racking prospect. If you coat your precious abode in the wrong colours, or make an error with your colour selection, it can be a pretty painful process to redeem your home. Thankfully, those days are the things of the past. In the age of technologies, the interwebz, and internet cats, we have apps that save us a lot of time. The Dulux Visualizer app is exactly one of those handy game-changers.

The Dulux Visualizer app helps you dabble with, play, discover, and even apply paint to your walls without popping open a can, using augmented reality to project the colours onto your wall — and it’s really impressive, even from a tech standpoint. You can use the app live or take photos to show-off your new colours:

There are thousands of colours to play around with in the app, including Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2018: Pictured Rocks (seen above), and it’s a beauty.

Pictured Rocks is described as a “warm, welcoming soft pink that helps you relax and recharge”, and we couldn’t agree more. Pictured Rocks is a really versatile colour that creates a range of moods, depending on the palette you pair it with, allowing you to create that Playful Home look, one of four unique palettes.

The Playful Home can be your hub to recharge in, your space to create and dream in. It is above all a space for drawing inspiration from favourite musicians, authors and artists – somewhere to welcome like-minded friends. A launchpad for possibility. There is a sense of energy with vibrant colour focal points and plants hanging from walls. This hub may be small, but the design is clever. With the Playful Home palette consumers can create a space that is invigorating and full of life. Yellow-toned green and gold help spark the synapses and encourage a creative approach to life.

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It’s ideal for those with a high-spirited, young-at-heart persona. To create a playful home using Pictured Rocks, add yellow-toned green and gold to help spark the synapses and encourage a creative approach to life. Pops of colour add a sense of fun and energy, while clever use of colour can help create different zones within smaller spaces. The natural colours also help highlight a sense of the outdoors, so you don’t feel cooped up during the day!

Take a look for yourself, and use the Dulux Visualizer app to see how Pictured Rocks looks in your home.

For more Colour of the Year inspiration, follow Dulux SA on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the colour inspiration portal.

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