This New App Gives You Cash Back from Data & Airtime Purchases!


Airtime and data can be expensive — especially when you’re working on your life-long dream of becoming Instagram famous — and like most people you’ve probably wished there was a way to earn some of the cash back that you’ve splurged on keeping your smartphone connected. Luckily, a local FinTech Startup company is helping lighten the load for South Africans who spend loads every month on data and airtime. Say hello to PrepaidWealth —  the web-based platform offers South Africans a rather genius way to accumulate cash discounts or receive instant discounts when purchasing data or airtime.

With discounts ranging from 1.5 percent to 9.5 percent, PrepaidWealth offers anyone who purchases data, airtime and even prepaid electricity to earn a little bit back from their purchases. Covering all South African networks (Vodacom, MTN, CellC, Telkom and Virgin Mobile) the platform is accessible to all mobile users and is basically a game-changer in the South African airtime game.

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Through the PrepaidWealth website, users can choose to open either a Group Account or an Individual Account, both free of charge. The Group Account allows users to accumulate cash back for members of a group (for example, a company to save funds for a year-end function) while the Individual Account provides instant discounts rewards for one individual looking to save in other ways and spread their monthly budget just a little bit further.

Group Accounts are ideal for groups like friends, families, stokvels and work departments and the larger the group, the quicker the cash accumulates if more people are buying data and airtime. The cash back rewards accumulate collectively and cash may be withdrawn from the account once the balance has reached more than R200.

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An Individual Account, however, offers discounted rates for data and airtime, making it perfect for anyone who wants to sell either of the two services and who would prefer instant discounts. Invidual users are not limited to only earning discounts but can also register for a group account without inviting anyone else to join.

For more information and to start using the service visit the PrePaidWealth website

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