This Tiny Gadget is a Lifesaver for People Who Love Fidgeting [Review]


For some of us, the need to fidget goes hand-in-hand with the need to breathe. But sometimes your need to keep your hands busy or moving can interfere with your everyday life and even annoy the people around you. I’m that girl at a restaurant who takes the drinks straw paper and worries it into a tight little roll through the course of dinner and that girl who subconsciously click-click-clicks her pen when she’s thinking a little too hard at her desk (obnoxious I know!) and while my fidgeting helps me keep my mind off the other million and one things constantly flying around in my brain I would like to find another, less annoying way to satisfy my fidgeting needs. Enter and their range of Fidget Spinners. If you’re the type of person who can’t keep their fingers still then this little gadget is sure to help you keep your idle hands busy and everyone around you from smacking you upside the head when the incessant tapping and clicking gets to be too much.

Whether you struggle with ADHD, are a worry wort, or are trying to ditch a bad habit like smoking, fidgeting is a great way to keep your hands and your mind occupied when you’re stressed out or craving something that you probably shouldn’t be. But this isn’t exactly rocket science, this gadget doesn’t do much … it spins, that’s it. It’s a super simple concept designed to feel nice in your hand and keep you occupied. Available as single spinners, dual spinners, and triple spinners the Fidgeter Spinners easily spin with a flick of the finger and will keep your fingers busy for ages at a time.


Available in a wide range of colours and metal finishes these pocket-friendly gadgets are designed to fit right in no matter where you need to use it. Choose a more professional-looking metal body for an office environment or go crazy and have a little fun with multicoloured varieties. These spinners are perfect for both kids and adults alike and can be used to help kids with ADHD focus a little better or give worry wort adults something else to concentrate on for a little while. There’s also so many different ways to spin these little gadgets – whether you hold onto a bearing on one end and flick it back and forth in one hand, spin one of the gears with a single finger, or hold it in one hand and flick it back and forth with the other, it’s all about finding what works best for you.

I got the chance to play with the single, double, and triple spinners from Fidgeter and they’re pretty darn awesome. I’m a big fan of the single and dual-spinners as they are the easiest to play with when working or talking on the phone (when I get my best fidgeting work done) but I think that’s really a personal preference. But, no matter what spinner you choose there’s no doubt that once you pop you won’t be able to stop. These little desk toys are super addictive and chances are owning one will lead to you buying a few more for yourself and everyone you know (they make great gifts for fellow fidgeters!).


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I also found that the Fidget Spinner helps me deal with mindless boredom a lot better. It’s the best thing ever when you’re waiting in a queue or looking for something to do in an Uber – something other than looking at your phone that is. You might say that looking at your phone is just as mindless but you’ll find that you pay more attention to your surroundings playing with this thing than when your face is buried in your phone.’s dual Fidget Spinners start at R150 while the triple spinners start at R200. If spinning isn’t your vibe and you’re more of a clicker, a roller, or a presser then you might be more interested in Fidgeter’s other gadget, the Fidget Cube. This multi-side device comes with a variety of different fidgeting options and also fits neatly into your pocket or handbag. The Fidget Cubes start at R250.

Click here to visit the website now and order your Fidget Spinner.

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