While we may not be able to visit wine estates for wine tasting or sales right now, there are still loads of ways you can support local wine farms and small producers. From pre-purchasing wine online to supporting on-site delis and farm stalls, every little bit helps. One of the first to invite guests back to onto its grounds is Tokara. The Stellenbosch-based farm has announced its on-site Tokara Deli Essentials is now open daily and welcoming back regulars to buy wholesome farm-fresh produce and freshly baked goods.

While the normal Restaurant and Deli operations remain closed, the easing of the restrictions to Level 4, has enabled Tokara Deli to open its doors selling essential produce and getting some employees working again.

Tokara Deli Essentials

The delicious assortment on offer includes freshly baked bread, pastries, home-made biscuits and rusks, Tokara extra virgin olive oil, milk, eggs, cheese, charcuterie, sandwiches, coffee beans and hot takeaway coffee. The essential food items offered will be expended as more regulars find their way back to Tokara Deli instead of having to go to a supermarket.

“We launched Deli Essentials as the first step of our lockdown offering, while details of a to-go food service and various meal-kit offerings will be announced shortly,” says Wilhelm Kühn, owner-operator of Tokara Restaurant and Deli.

Tokara Deli Essentials

“Almost 80% of respondents of a survey on our planned food delivery service said that they would happily contribute to a support and feeding scheme for those Tokara Restaurant and Deli employees who aren’t able to return to work yet due to the COVID-19 countrywide lockdown. We hope to involve more employees as we initiate various phases of our lockdown strategy and that the generosity of our customers would further help to alleviate the plight of those who are languishing at home.”

Tokara says visitors to Tokara Deli Essentials during the Covid-19 lockdown can rest assured that it is maintaining the highest level of hygiene measures to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff members. Strict conditions, including the wearing of face masks and complying with social distancing guidelines are mandatory for anyone entering Tokara Deli Essentials. The temperature of all customers will be checked with a no-touch infrared thermometer at the entrance where hand disinfectant will be available. Disinfectant wipes will also be available at the pay-point.

Tokara Deli Essentials

No hot meals will be available and no inside or outside seating is provided. The Tokara Deli Playground remains closed to the public.

Tokara Deli Essentials is open seven days a week from 07:00 until 15:00 for take-away purchases only. Visit the Tokara Deli Facebook page for further details and updates on the upcoming delivery service option. 

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