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Unfortunately, everyone’s holidays seem to be drying up, and that means that students will have to prepare themselves for the start of the academic year. Setting up some good habits is key to a successful school stint, and we’ve tracked down some 5 useful apps for students that’ll help with those habits and get you closer to those distinctions!

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy has become a renowned hub for not only educational content, but also interactive material to help people learn about a wide variety of topics. Their app provides tens of thousands of quizzes, specifically geared towards science and math-related material. The questions are set up to provide hints that’ll help you through the material as well as instant feedback, so you can correct your answers. Although the quizzes are a massive part of their content offering, there are also video lectures that go along with it

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Khan Academy 


Learning another language in school or university can be a painfully boring ordeal if lessons are simply about grammar and have no practical application. DuoLingo’s approach is to make language learning a fun and interactive activity with game-like elements that encourage users to use it as often as possible, increasing the amount of exposure you get to a given language. It features a wide range of languages to choose from as well, so you’re likely to find what you’re looking for easily. Usually, learning involves being buried neck-deep in a stack of textbooks, but on this rare occasion, you might learn a language faster in a fun way rather than trying to sift through pages and pages of scribbly notes.

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iHomework 2

What most successful professionals will tell you about productivity is that scheduling is a key consideration if you’re going to get through all your work. Rather than waiting until you’re overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and forecast when your busy periods will be. iHomework will let you set up a comprehensive schedule where you can keep track of exam, assignment and essay dates so that nothing sneaks up on you, leaving you with sufficient time to prepare everything throughout the academic year.

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This one is for all the visual studiers that either need cue cards or written notes to make sure they retain information. Brainscape allows users to make flashcards that can help easily replicate the popular study material, but more than that, it offers pre-made content on popular subjects like geography or languages that can be bought, but use and download of the app is free. Having study material available on the go also means that spare time spent waiting on a bus or in a restaurant can be used to go over study material, and you can even share things with contacts which makes group-studying and note-sharing seamless and accessible.

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Anyone who has had to compile an extensive reference list will probably agree that the biggest nuisance when writing an essay isn’t the actual essay, it’s the referencing afterwards. EasyBib can help to decrease some of that dreary and time-consuming effort by automatically putting a book’s relevant information into the correct bibliographic format, depending on the user’s preference. The kicker though: all you need to do is scan a book’s barcode with your smartphone camera and it’ll fetch the book’s information automatically. While there is a free version, the full ‘pro’ version does need to be paid for to access additional functionality.

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