Top 5 Gadgets Coming in 2018

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The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show has given electronics and tech companies a platform to showcase their latest innovative developments. While some of them are just cute gimmicks that might get you to shell out some money for a novelty, some of them are not only incredibly useful but also give us a glimpse into what the tech future will look like not too long from now. We’re going to count down our top five that could make some waves in 2018!

ForwardX CX-1 Suitcase

A lot of thing about navigating through airports: it’s tiring and frustrating – requirements like lugging your massive bag around while you try and figure out where on earth your boarding gate is, isn’t the best way to start a holiday. ForwardX has been working on their CX-1 Suitcase, and while it can’t locate your boarding gate for you, it is a robotic suitcase that will follow you around. It’s got a camera that will track your movements and follow you as you walk ahead of it, a smart wristband that will help it find you again if you’re out of view of the camera – and it’ll even alert you if someone tries to snatch your bag while you’re not looking. The company plans to release the bag later this year, but they haven’t released any pricing information about the CX-1 as of yet.

LifeFuels Smart Bottle

The idea behind this smart water bottle is that it will allow you to keep track of your water consumption during the day, and has an app linked to it that can give you a read-out of important health-related data. That’s the boring part about it, though. The cool part about is the lid: you can store vitamins or supplements in the lid and then either using the bottle or through the app, you can dispense what you need during the day. So you can keep a multivitamin sachet handy every morning to get you through the day or keep a pre-workout on hand for your daily gym sessions, and the bottle will dispense it straight from the lid.

Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

For the cyclists among us, this seemingly innocuous helmet is a cool bit of tech that will make commuting or exercising more fun while staying extra safe. The helmet uses bone conduction audio to generate its audio output, meaning that you don’t need to have an earpiece or any headphones to hear radio or music, and it also lets you connect to a smartphone for hands-free calls or to listen to GPS navigation. Due to the lack of any in-ear devices, hearing won’t be impaired and outside stimulus like traffic noise will still be audible enough to hear.

Petcube Camera

Having a stationary camera that lets you check in on your pets isn’t exactly groundbreaking since similar products are available already. The Petcube camera takes that concept a little bit further, though, by incorporating video calls initiated by a person’s pet moving into the camera’s view, which the person can accept or reject to check in with their pets when it’s convenient. This may not be used all that often for people to have quick chats with their pets, but it does still facilitate checking in with pooch or feline to make sure that they’re okay if you’re away from home for the day.

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Rythm Dreem Headband 

Tired of getting suboptimal sleep? The Dreem headband might be able to help you out with that. It’s a headband you’ll wear while sleeping that monitors your brain’s neural patterns and by using bone conduction vibrations, it will adjust them to keep you in deep sleep for longer. It’s linked to an app that can also give you data feedback regarding your sleep, like how much REM sleep you’re getting, how long it lasts for, and when your optimal sleeping window is.

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