Top 5 Mascaras We Love! [Review]

5 Mascaras

If there’s one thing I never leave the house without, it’s mascara. I’m not the kind of girl who needs to put on a full face of make-up to leave the house but I do feel a little bit naked if I’m not wearing mascara. Maybe it’s because I love accentuating my long lashes or that I just feel like I look more ‘awake’ when I’m wearing mascara but either way I’m constantly applying the stuff and always have some in my make-up bag for quick re-applications. So, because I L.O.V.E, love mascara so much I thought I would share my top 5 favourite mascaras with all of you. Keep reading for my full list – there’s one for every type of girl!

1. GOSH Catchy Eyes Mascara (R110 from Edgars and Red Square stores).

Gosh Mascara

This ultra fabulous mascara is a recent discovery of mine and I am completely obsessed with it! With its fantastic, curved rubber brush this mascara helps you achieve that covetable ‘cats eye’ effect. I love that application with the brush is so easy and that I can get right into the corners of my lashes using the curved brush. The brush also helps to delicately separate the lashes and leaves lashes clump free and super sexy.

2. Wet n Wild Mega Impact Mascara (available from Clicks).

Wet n Wild Mascara

This super affordable mascara retails for about R60 and is great for making a serious impact. If it’s volume you want then this is the mascara for you. The thick brush will allow you to create length and extreme volume – just make sure you watch out for clumps! I find that less is more when working with this product and the trick is too start off slowly and build your lashes with two or more coats. If you slather it on generously from the get go you will have a hot mess on your hands and have to start again. I also love that that Wet n Wild Mega Impact mascara contains Kernal Oil to help strengthen lashes and add shine.

3. Comfort Zone Eye Supreme Luxurious Black Mascara (R280 from Carlton and leading spas).

Comfort Zone mascaraThis lovely mascara allows you to create ultra natural-looking lashes. If you’re all about looking like yourself (with a little bit of enhancement) then you will love this product. I use it when I’m going for a minimal kind of look and don’t want something too extreme. But that doesn’t mean that this mascara doesn’t offer a bit of  a ‘wow’ factor – Comfort Zone Eye Supreme also has a lash thickening effect and lets you have longer, fuller lashes the natural way. The brush is also all kinds of awesome and allows you to have clump-free lashes with ease.

4. GOSH Boombastic Mascara Volume XXL (R140 from Edgars and Red Square stores).

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Gosh Mascara

Another fabulous extreme volume mascara is the GOSH Boombastic mascara. This mascara is for ladies who love having ‘WOW’ lashes and I use this product when I know I’m going for a killer night out on the town. The over-sized rubber brush offers 3 ‘reservoirs’ that store plenty of mascara for creating super voluminous lashes. While this product is a little more pricey than the Wet n Wild version it’s so worth it! There’s no worrying about clumps with this baby as the cleverly ‘separated’ brush allows you to create volume with serious precision.

5. Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara (R320 from Thankful Planet online store).

Alima Pure Mascara

This natural definition mascara is perfect for bunny hugging ladies who want something more pure. Just like all their products Alima Pure’s mascara is 90% natural and naturally derived ingredients. The pigments used to make the product are pure minerals and won’t irritate your eyes or skin. I love this mascara because it doesn’t flake and because it conditions your lashes every time you use it. Dip after dip this mascara never clumps or gets gloppy – it’s a real winner!

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