More Secrets to Slim Dressing [Watch]

Tracy Gold

Do you want to know the secret to slim dressing? Luckily for us fashion writer and stylist, Tracy Gold is back with even more fabulous tips on how to dress for success. A little while ago we shared Tracy’s 5 secrets to slim dressing (click here if you missed it) and now she’s back with even more (eep!) This time around Tracy is wowing us with everything from tips on how to slim down your arms to how to smooth out your shape. Here are more secrets to slim dressing!

How to slenderize upper-arms

Do you dislike the top of your arms and prefer to cover them up?  If so, I’m going to show you how to slenderize your upper-arms and cover them up with style.

How to smooth out your shape

Do you have a dress that you are not wearing because it shows every lump and bump?  Do you have a sheer blouse you would love to wear, but it just shows too much? Tracy has the perfect solution for you. Watch this short clip for more.

How to upsize your bust

Would you love to go up a cup size without having a boob-job? The right clothing can create the illusion that your bust is bigger than it is.

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