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Freddy activewear

We squat because we want a perkier bum. We spend hours in the gym doing Pilates, Cross-Fit, walking lunges and leg extensions to get that perfect lower body that looks so good that Michelangelo would wish he had carved you instead of David. But how many of us feel just as good in a our gym as we do in our jeans? Putting on those unflattering lycra pants can cause your heart to drop quicker than the incline on your treadmill when your legs start to get tired. A little while ago we told you all about how Freddy jeans are the best thing in the history of ever but did you know that the butt defining fashion label also does gym wear?

Freddy doesn’t just focus on giving you a great ass[et] in your jeans, short-shorts or body-con dress they also have a fabulous activewear range that allows you to keep your ‘Freddy bum’ even while training! The range will keep that perky bum on show and keep you looking fit and fabulous while you sweat it out.

From their 3Pro Ballerina Trainers, to their Shaping-Effect-Lycra and hooded jackets, you can now revel in knowing that Freddy has your back (side). We love the Black Active Pants 7/8 Length leggings with Pink Zip Detail (R859.95) and the Floral Skinny Lycra Leggings (R 889.95).

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Shop the range online at through the Freddy South Africa online store or visit the Freddy store in Bryanston Shopping Centre, Johannesburg.

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