This Is The Best Creative Hub We’ve Ever Seen in SA!


Attention freelancers, frequent business travelers, and entrepreneurs we’ve found something that you NEED to see! Travail, an incredible new co-working hub and business lounge in South Africa will give you new career goals. Trust us, once you see pictures of this place you will think; “Holy cheese and rice, what have I been doing with my life?” It’s that cool. And, the great news is that even though the first one is in Johannesburg they are planning to open one in Cape Town, Pretoria and KZN super soon – so no matter where you are it’s time to pay attention and start making plans to take your home-office, coffee shop or garage working situation to a whole new level.

Travail Johannesburg

Travail describes themselves as a “High-performance nomadic work space specialising in providing the progressive entrepreneurial workforce with a future-focused work environment.” If you’re thinking it sounds pretty fancy-pants, that’s because it is. Travail isn’t just about having a desk to work at it’s so much more! They encourage their clients to take full advantage of the space and present this state-of-the-art facility as a place for professionals to work, meet, socialise, network, strategize, innovate, collaborate and focus.

Travail Johannesburg

Located at Melrose Arch (with new branches in Midrand, Cape Town, Pretoria, and KZN coming soon), Travail is perfect for business owners, creatives, and professionals who are always on the go and offers work spaces for every type of individual. Can you only work while sitting on an Yoga ball? Do you do most of your work on your tablet? Do you prefer to work from the comfort of your couch and coffee table? Well, fear not because there is a space for you here. But, no matter where you choose to work at Travail you can be assured that it will suit your needs. All their work spaces have been specifically designed with ergonomic furniture to allow you to work comfortably and effectively.

Travail Johannesburg

That’s right, Travail is on a mission to change the way  the way South Africans think about work and work spaces – with the introduction of various physical spaces that support the modern “work” day. From iPad and smartphone docking stations that allow you to plug in and do your work on the go without a bulky laptop to chic, modern boardrooms with top-quality equipment this place has it all.

Travail Johannesburg

While they are in the space Travail offers clients complimentary access to uninterrupted uncapped, high-speed internet as well as full use of the formal and informal open and closed spaces. They’ve also got a generator so you’ll stay switched on even when Eskom isn’t. You’ll also get access to stuff like printing, copying, a selection of daily newspapers, HD LED screens looping current affairs, a library, wireless charging pads, snacks for your meetings, and back/neck massages (on request). It’s like we died and went to work heaven.

Travail Johannesburg

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And, when it’s time to take a break and refuel there’s an on-site coffee station and eatery that will prepare Low GI, high energy, high fibre breakfasts, lunches and snacks just for you. Water and imported Italian coffee from Illy are included in the price but you can also purchase a wide range of drinks from the coffee bar. Basically, you never have to leave – seriously, if they decided to add beds in the corner there would be no reason for you to leave … ever.

Travail Johannesburg

So now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s talk about cost. Working at a spot like this doesn’t come cheap but it’s oh-so-worth it! A gold membership will set you back between R1 155 per month for 21 hours, to R3 456 per month for 63 hours. This includes full use of the space, coffee or water, access to uncapped 50MB/s uncapped WiFi, a business address, phone chargers, a delivery service, dry-cleaning, access to the telephone system, function hire, library service, venue hire, guest visits, lockers and catering.

For more information on Travail visit their website.

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