Travel From Cape Town to Franschhoek for Just R99 with Cape Comoot!

Cape Comoot

There are loads of reasons to visit Franschhoek – the main one being wine. But let’s be honest, you have a better chance of meeting Prince Harry than convincing a friend to volunteer to be the designated driver for a day of wine tasting and general frolicking in Franschhoek. Sure, you could go through the tedious business of drawing straws or you could each cough up a measly R99 each and hop on board the new Cape Comoot shuttle service now operating between Cape Town and Franschhoek and other must-visit tourist destinations in the Western Cape. The new shuttle service just launched and is causing waves with their genius new business model of offering affordable transportation to key tourist destinations that have previously been a bit of a chore to get to.

If you’ve ever tried to get a quote for a shuttle service or even Uber Van between Cape Town and Franschhoek then you will know that R99 is the best deal in the history of ever. You’re looking at anything between R250 and R1500 per person for a one-way trip and when you consider that the Franschhoek Wine Tram alone will set you back R220 it works out to be an expensive day out.

Cape Comoot will initially run from Greenmarket Square to Cape Point and Franschhoek and will cost only R99 for a one-way trip (R200 return). Avid travellers will also be excited to hear that the company has plans to expand to Stellenbosch and Hermanus in the near future so you’ll be able to get even more fantastic wine tasting done without the worrying about who’s going to take one for the team and drive home with a car full of tipsy people.

Cape Comoot
Cape Comoot’s Martin Bo Nielsen and Yolandie Le Grange.

The brainchild of Martin Bo Nielsen (founder of Cape Town Free Walking Tours) and Yolandie Le Grange, Cape Comoot aims to shake things up by offering affordable transport at a price closer to what locals and tourist would get if they were to take public transport in any other global destination. This new disruptive business model is all about offering tourists an alternative to renting their own car for the day and or weekend and is sure to ease up a lot of added congestion from rental cars on Cape Town’s roads.

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Cape Comoot’s shuttles might be the cheapest, but the company is certainly not skimping on quality – the company currently has a network of drivers with quality shuttles that have air conditioning, free WiFi, and mobile phone charging stations, redefining what cheap transport means. To start off there will be two daily departure times to each destination (Cape Point and Franschhoek) but these will increase as demand allows over the coming months.

Cape Comoot is now open for bookings will begin running from 1 June 2017. Tickets can only be booked online at the Cape Comoot website. Don’t forget to say Hi to Cape Comoot on Facebook for updates on new routes and times soon.

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