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It’s a scary world out there and while we all love revelling in our indepedance it’s important that we keep our friends and family in the loop about our wearabouts – especially when travelling at night or when we’re jogging or exercising outside. Of course, staying in touch constantly isn’t always practical which is why apps like ttrumpet and its ‘Tag Me’ feature are so important! The messaging app’s new real-time safety feature is aimed at families, friends and active sportsmen who want to keep an ‘eye’ on their loved ones when they’re out and about. Here’s how you can use this new feature to stay safe and sound!

This new feature in the ttrumpet app replaces the need to call or message your loved ones when you’ve arrived home safely. Instead just use the app to share your chosen route home with selected contacts and allow them to ‘follow you home’. Using the app, friends and family will be able to identify your exact location throughout your journey. The app raises the alarm if you go off-route or don’t reach your destination when expected and users can also alert their ‘followers’ in cases of distress. The basic idea is that you are leaving a ‘bread crumb trail’ as you go.

The new ‘Tag Me’ feature is perfect for cyclists, hikers, runners and other sportswomen as it allows your loved ones to see which route you have taken – updating tracking sessions every 10 seconds – showing total distance and time covered and indicates lost connectivity or stops longer than 10mins. This feature is also great for women driving home alone at night or travelling alone.

Of course, parents will also love the next update coming to ttrumpet soon – a ‘fences’ feature will enable parents to set up virtual fences around their kid’s school, their home or anywhere else they may be located. The app will then notify you when your child has left or arrived safely and when your child has left a specified ‘safe zone’.

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The ttrumpet app is available for iOS and Android. For more information and to download the app, visit the ttrumpet website.

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