Turn Back the Hands of Time with BABOR Reversive [Review]

BABOR Reversive Cream

As a woman in her laste 20s (gulp) I’ve started becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of anti-aging creams and potions. It’s not that I want to look like my younger self but more about making sure that my skin stays healthy and vibrant. Sure, when I get older I may start to worry about wrinkles (in fact according to a facialist I saw when I was 27 I should have been fighting my ‘wrinkles’ back then already) but like most women in their late 20s right now I’m focusing on prevention rather than a cure for a problem that doesn’t exist just yet. So what you can do to keep your skin looking crazy healthy and ‘young’? It’s quite simple, use a good anti-aging cream! Because, is it ever really too early to start adding more moisture, more vibrancy and more elasticity to your skin? I started my journey into anti-aging with the new BABOR ReVersive Anti-aging Cream Rich and came out the other side feeling a whole lot better about my skin.

Experts in anti-aging, BABOR have recently launched a brand new range to help women turn back the hands of time. The new range offers a range of products including the ReVersive anti-aging dual serum, ReVersive anti-aging cream, ReVersive anti-aging cream rich and the ReVersive anti-aging eye cream all of which contain BABOR’s unique Re-Youth Complex. The precision formula contains four high-performance active ingredients (Telovitin, Agicyl, Lumicol, Epocyl) and that help to reactivate and maintain the beauty of a woman’s skin. The combination of these four ingredients help the skin to keeps cells younger for longer, activate defenses against skin aging, create luminosity and radiance and create a visible smoothing effect.

BABOR Reversive Cream

As I mentioned I got to try the ReVersive anti-aging cream rich – here are 5 reasons why I loved this product:

1. The BABOR range offers women two creams to choose from – the ReVersive anti-aging cream and the ReVersive anti-aging cream rich. The light 24-hour cream is the perfect day cream – it has an anti-aging, smoothing effect and creates a youthful glow. I loved the slightly richer cream because it did wonders for my dehydrated skin. Even though the richer cream is ideal as a night cream I used it day and night to pamper the skin and leave it feeling soft and plump.

2. Just a small amount is enough – I found the product lasted for ages. After a month of use I still had loads left and I loved that just 2 small pumps of the product were enough to cover my face, neck and décolleté.

3. The cream feels like silk on your skin – I loved the texture of this cream. It goes on smooth and leaves your skin feeling baby soft. Using this product is a luxurious experience and one that is definitely worth the price tag.

4.  My skin felt and looked more radiant when I used the product – over the month I was reviewing this product I found that I looked forward to using it every day and I loved that my skin had a definite glow to it after I applied the product. It’s clear that with frequent use the cream can make a big difference to the appearance of your skin.

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5. The packaging is superb – I loved the packaging of this product! The pump action nozzle is hygienic and perfect for dispensing just the right amount of product and the bottle itself looks beautiful on your night stand. The scent of the product is also beautiful and makes you feel like a million bucks.

The BABOR ReVersive anti-aging cream rich retails for R2783 (50 ml) and is available at exclusive BABOR approved spas in South Africa. To find a stockist near you visit the BABOR South Africa website.

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