Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Adventurous Dads

Cape Union Mart Father's Day 2021

This Father’s Day, gifts in the form of stuffy ties, fancy aftershaves, and funky socks are out. While you may be tempted to stick with the tried and tested soap-on-a-rope, we’re willing to bet you’ll get way more brownie points for gifting dad something to spur on his adventurous side, especially if he loves spending time outdoors. It’s time to think outside the box this Father’s Day and spoil your dad with the joy of spending more time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air with family and friends. Of course, if he’s going to be spending more time on ‘dadventures’, he’ll need the right gear and tools to make the most of it all — and that’s where our gift guide comes in.


Each dad is unique, so we know there’s no one-size-fits-all gift this Father’s Day. They’ve all got a different take on how they want to spend their free time. With that in mind, here are six different types of dads, each paired with unique ideas for ‘dadventures’ that they’ll love, and practical but fun gift solutions from Cape Union Mart. Furthermore, if you choose the right item for your dad, not only will you make him a happy fellow, but you’ll also get some more quality time with your pops!

1. Legend of the Grill

Cape Union Mart Father's Day 2021

This dad is happiest with braai tongs and a drink in hand, even in the coldest winter temperatures, and he’s an accomplished Masterchef of anything on a grill. To make this kind of pappa happy, you’ll need to schedule some quality chop-and-wors time with him and the family, preferably somewhere with a great view too. Remember, braaiing isn’t just for your dad’s favourite public holiday (National Braai Day, of course), it’s something that the whole family should enjoy regularly.

Recommended Adventures:

Treat your dad to a Father’s Day braai in the mountains (check out these 5 Magical Spots to Enjoy a Braai in South Africa); or take advantage of this Father’s Day special at Nest Hotel that includes a craft beer tasting. Alternatively, you can book a chalet at the Swadini Resort in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve for their Father’s Day special – and a similar 20% off special is available at the Phalaborwa Safari Park. Or, you can send your dad to the Weber Grill Academy to learn even more braai secrets (the whole family will benefit!).

Gifts for dads who love to braai:

Braai gifts dad

1. The Braai Buddies. Starting with the essentials: the good ole braai tongs. You can’t go wrong with these stainless steel and silicone Cadac BBQ Tongs (R129). And if your dad loves burgers, a nifty Cadac Burger Press (R190) is also a great idea. Of course, he’ll probably also love something to keep his drinks cold: we love the Kleen Kanteen Insulated Tumbler (R350) or the Ecovessel Port Mug (R399).

2. The Cooking Chair. Outdoor cooking can be challenging work, whether it’s in your backyard or nature, so make it easier by getting your dad a comfortable chair. You’ve got two options: the Cape Union Mart Comfy Chair (R699) or the Weekender Chair (which comes with a holder for dad’s drink – R399).

Gifts gifts dad

3. The Chef Knife. Your dad deserves a better outdoor knife to help him with braaing and biltong cutting (for pre-braai snacks, of course). If he’s serious about knives, then you can’t go wrong with the Kaliber Large Biltong Folding Knife (R350) and the Opinel Explore Folding Knife (R750).

4. The Fun Firestarter. If your dad is braai-master through-and-through, then gift him something that none of his braai buddies has: a lighter that’s shaped like a rifle: Pull the trigger of the Gibson Rifle Lighter (R275), and the flame pops out the muzzle. If your dad is more old-school and wants a flint for real outdoor fire-making, then we recommend the UST Spark Force (R125).

2. Lover of Gadgets & Gizmos

Cape Union Mart Father's Day 2021

Buying a gift for a tech-savvy dad can be tricky because if you aren’t up to date with the latest trends and gizmo releases, then you could be investing in a dud. But don’t worry, if your dad is one of these trendy first-adopters that loves having the latest and greatest gadgets, then we’ve got you covered. Some of these investments may be a bit of a splurge, so you’ll need to save up or share the costs with friends and family.

Recommended Adventures:

Not sure what to do without tech-loving dad this Father’s Day? How about a fun Segway Tour? There are different options around the country, and each wheeled option has its own unique vibe. You could also try action-packed activities like Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, paintball, go-karting, or a lesson in drone skills from Feenix Drone Training Academy. If he enjoys hiking with GPS maps, get him to download this app to try some of the best trails around the country.

Gifts for tech-loving dads:

tech gifts dad

1. The Super Soundtrack. Your gadget-loving dad deserves better wireless earphones for his workouts, commutes, and outdoor adventures. These Sony SP700 Wireless Earbuds (R2,999) are waterproof and have sound-cancelling technology too, so he will have peace and quiet whenever he pops them in.

2. The Dad Drone. Drones are a big investment, but if you’re looking to splurge on your dad’s gift, then the DJI Spark (R7,999) offers the best bang-for-buck value and gadget greatness. This powerful mini-drone is a brilliant investment for any dad who loves technology and gadgets.

3. The Techie Timepiece. There are hundreds of fitness tracker and smartwatch options out there but if we had to choose one that offers the best value for a techie-dad, then the Garmin Venu is our choice. This GPS smartwatch is bursting with features, but we’re most impressed by the 5-day battery life. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then the Huawei Watch GT Active is your best bet.

4. The Power Partner. Your dad needs a decent battery to keep all his gadgets going, especially in these times when load-shedding is a constant threat to productivity. This handy portable Ravpower Solar Power Bank (R999) will recharge using sunlight and offers 15,000mah.

3. The Laidback Lad

Cape Union Mart Father's Day 2021

If your pops spends his off-duty time chilling to recover from a stressful job, then you’ll need gear that helps him to relax or helps to improve his quality time with family and friends. These dads love watching sports and downtime outdoors (especially when they’re exploring somewhere with amazing views), and these gift ideas are going to help him get the most of both.

Recommended Adventures:

Cape Nature has a winter special of 40% off all self-catering and camping facilities, so there’s plenty of options to choose from. Alternatively, you could gift him a Wild Card so he can access any of the South African National Parks for free whenever the mood strikes. If your dad loves a good movie, consider treating him to a movie at Cape Town’s Galileo Drive-In cinema. Or, you could try a hot air balloon safari or a sunset picnic and cruise on the water. If he needs some pampering, you could also treat him to a spa session or full spa day.

Gifts for Dads Who Love to Relax

gifts relaxed

1. The Happier Hoody. The North Face Surgent Hoody is crafted from durable, soft stretch fleece that’s super-warm but breathable too, so it’ll keep you warm without making you feel sweaty or muggy. Perfect for both couch time and sundowner sessions in the wild.

2. The Softer Slippers. Your dad shouldn’t be relaxing in running shoes or sneakers in winter; to truly relax, you need plush, old-school slippers. Our choice: the easy slide-on Cape Union Mart Alpen Slipper (R699) or the toasty Sheep Wool Classic Slippers (R699).

3. The Sound Investment. Suppose your dad wants some peace and quiet, so he can enjoy music, sports, or Netflix. In that case, the Sony CH700 Noise Cancelling Headphones offer excellent sound quality and clarity and some of the best noise-cancelling technology.

gifts relaxed

4. The Travel Buddies. If your dad travels a lot due to work, has a long commute, or spends his free time exploring, then there are some smart choices that you can get for him. You can start with a decent flask for his coffee or tea: the Cape Union 1.5l Stainless Steel Travel Flask is sure to be a winner. Then, for extra points, you can add a Travelon Memory Gel travel pillow (R399).

5. The Smarter Cooler Box. Ready to help your dad keep his drinks and food colder while travelling in his car or camping? The Campingaz Powerbox24 is a wise investment.

4. Action-man Dad

Cape Union Mart Father's Day 2021

Is your dad a carbon copy of Bear Grylls or Laird Hamilton? Then you’ll need gear that helps him chase that adrenaline high. He’s happiest when surfing the biggest barrels, bungee-jumping off the highest bridges, climbing the steepest faces, and racing down the most technical single-track on his bike. To get the most out of those alpha-male activities, your dad deserves the best in action cameras, fitness watches, multitools and more. Once you’ve chosen the right gift for your role-model dad, then you’ll need to pick your next high-paced adventure together.

Recommended Adventures:

Your rad dad has plenty of options, from high-altitude ziplining, sky diving and bungee-jumping through to rally-driving, dune buggy racing, abseiling, motorbike adventures, and driving supercars — you just need to choose the adrenaline activity that suits him best!

Action-Packed gift ideas

gifts adventure

1. The Adventure Partner. As we’ve said above, there are hundreds of options for smartwatches and fitness trackers, but it’s a pretty easy choice for this type of dad: it’s either the Garmin Instinct Solar Fitness Watch (R7,999) or the Garmin Fenix 6 Solar.

2. The Ultimate Man Multi-tool. Struggling to think of a present for the man who has everything? How about a multitool that doubles up as a sleek, beautiful Swiss-made watch? If your dad wants something to make MacGyver jealous, the Leatherman Tread Plus Watch is a must-have.

3. The Action Man Cam. Nothing beats GoPro when it comes to creating a highlights reel of your dad’s adventures. The GoPro Hero 9 Action Camera (R10,499) is the top of the pops, for a more affordable option, try an earlier model like the Hero 8  – which is also a brilliant choice.

4. The Super Shirt. Your outdoor dad deserves a shirt that works as hard as he does. The K-Way Explorer Swerve Long Sleeve Shirt is a quick-drying, UV-protective, moisture-wicking shirt with an antimicrobial finish to keep him feeling fresh after his adventures. And it’s not just about functional features – it looks pretty good too.

5. The Newbie Dad

drinking milk baby with dad

It’s a brand-new world of nappies, bottles, and sleep cycles for this dad, and while he’s probably not getting too much sleep, he’s still able to introduce his young to the greatness of the outdoors. We know it can be tough, but there are still plenty of family-friendly activities and kid-friendly restaurants that can help. Here are the gifts we recommend for this newbie daddy:

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Recommended Adventures:

Considering this new dad relies on plenty of coffee, why not treat him to a coffee-making masterclass? Another great option is a picnic at a wine farm like Spier, which offers excellent baskets and a venue that’s safe and entertaining for kids of all ages. There are also foodie tours for the dad who is an avid cook. For those who would love to learn a new skill, he could try making his own gin through a gin-making course at Distillers & Union in Cape Town or attending the Inverroche Gin School in Joburg.

Gifts for New Dads:

gifts new dad

1. The Caffeine Helper. New dads with little sleep need plenty of coffee to make it through the day. These are the best kind of travel, commute, and work investments: the Stanley Vacuum Flask (R650) or the Stanley Classic Food Jar.

2. The Dad Pack. New dads spend a lot of time pushing prams. Fact. A backpack or cooler bag ensures they’ve got all they need when they’re on dad duty outdoors. Check out the Cape Union Mart Lunch Cooler with bottle (R350) or the K-Way Cross 25L Daypack (R799) for stellar gifting solutions.

K-Way Cross 25L Daypack

3. The Softer Touch. Newbie dads deserve some warmth and protection for all the late nights and outdoor dad duty. We recommend a soft fleece (your children will also love the feel), like the excellent value K-Way Straus Crewneck Fleece (R350), or something more versatile, like the iconic K-Way Felixx Softshell (R899). A warm, dry dad is a happier dad. Simple.

4. The Music Maker. Need something to help soothe your baby? A family singalong? Or just some quality outdoor time for dad’s playlist? The handy and super-portable Volkano Mamba Bluetooth Speaker (R699) can do it all.

6. Work-From-Home Dad

Cape Union Mart Father's Day 2021

It’s a whole new world of video calls and home offices for this home-based dad, and this dad takes it all in his stride. From juggling kids, DIY, and work projects, through to cooking, cleaning, and teaching, this man of the house is nailing the balance. However, he does get tired of being home all day and loves any excuse to leave the house for an adventure. Here are the gifts we recommend for Zoomer Dads:

Recommended Adventures:

To say thanks to this super dad for everything he does at home, you can treat him to some culinary treats that are not found in your kitchen at home – like a fancy-food and wine tasting at La Motte. If he’s a golfer, you can get him a PMG (Play More Golf) membership which will get him cheaper rates at courses around the country. If he’s into mountain biking, road cycling, or running, you could get him a subscription to his favourite running or cycling magazine. Otherwise, he might be looking for a new home-based workout solution, so you can try a membership to a JEFF training plan or The Movement Empire – both can be done from home.

Gifts for work-from-home dads:

gifts work dad

1. The Working Wingman. Now that home is also an office, your dad will need to spend some more time doing maintenance and fixing. Ensure he’s equipped to do anything around the house and office with an epic multitool like the Leatherman Sidekick. If you’re on a tighter budget, check out the excellent Cape Union Mart Scout Multitool (R399).

2. The Styling Sneaker. Just because your dad is spending more time in casual clothes doesn’t mean he needs to sacrifice style or comfort. The Adidas VL Court 2.1 Sneakers will make him look and feel good.

3. The Hydration Partner. Your dad will spend plenty of hours behind his desk at home, and while you can’t help him with his work, you can make sure he drinks enough water or has plenty of hot coffee or tea for productivity. The Ecovessel Aspen (R699) is not only an amazing-looking flask with triple insulation, but it’s also a handy reminder to keep hydrated. Best of all, it works just as well in his home office as it does outdoors.

K-Way winter

4. The Lightweight Layer: Your dad will have early starts and late nights behind his desk, and to make sure he stays comfortable and warm, treat him with a K-Way Thermalator Elite Long Sleeve Vest (R350). Think of it as a thermal layer, but with more features and benefits. It will help him nail his work projects while performing better outdoors too.

5. The Load-shedding Answer. Don’t let Eskom derail your dad’s deadlines; here’s a smart UPS solution for offering power when the lights go out: the VIZIA Mini DC UPS (R1,599) with Voltage Converter. A bright headlamp can be an excellent investment, too, check out the Ledlenser MH3 Headlamp for an easy lighting solution.

Need more gifting ideas for your dad this Father’s Day? Visit Cape Union Mart for even more adventure-ready gifts that your dad will love. 

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