Vans’ much loved Era model sneaker has been a street-wear staple for generations and there’s no doubt it’s the must-have shoe of 2019. But now, the brand is taking this classic shoe and giving it a major upgrade promising its comfiest sneaker ever. Promising 360-degree comfort, the new Vans Era model with ‘ComfyCush’ technology is gearing up to become your new-favourite shoe this winter. It’s so comfortable you might even choose it over your softest pair of slippers this rainy season!

Vans brought skateboarding fashion into the mainstream and has been a powerhouse brand ever since its inception back in 1966. The brand made a splash on the scene with its professional skateboarding gear, but, in recent years, has become a household name in the fashion and streetwear scene. Vans’ incredible growth has all been due to its ability to embraced design and style adaptations to appeal to more and more people, and that is exactly what they’re doing with the new Era model. The brand’s most worn sneaker has received quite a makeover with Vans aiming to fit all the comfort of a modern running shoe into something that looks like a classic, using the new ‘ComfyCush’ technology.

 Vans ComfyCush

‘ComfyCush’ technology is all about cushioning the sole of the shoes. To create what Vans is calling its most comfortable shoe yet, the brand combined both foam and rubber in the new sole to offer equal parts grip and comfort. In addition to the revised sole, the entire upper is a one-piece construction, including tongue tie-downs that help keep your foot secure all the time. So, while these Eras were clearly built for comfort, they haven’t lost any of their durability and skate-ability.

The shoes, adopted by maverick skate stylists like Alex Turnbull are now kinder, gentler and more forgiving underfoot. The Era has been reconsidered, redefined and improved… but only on the inside. We’ve personally given the technology a go, and it’s safe to say that the new ComfyCush Eras are a huge step up in marshmallow-y goodness for your feet.

But it doesn’t end there. While the ComfyCush technology is only available in the Era line up for now, fans of the brand can expect the ultra-comfortable soles to make their way into more Vans sneaker ranges in the future.

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