Want to Become a Social Media Sensation? Here’s How!


Until relatively recently the notion of the “social media sensation” simply didn’t exist; sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were in their infancy, and very few people had learned how to use the platforms to their financial, or reputational advantage. Fast-forward to today, and the term ‘social media sensation’ is a very real, attainable, and desirable career choice. From brand collaborations and an army of adoring followers to financial gain and celebrity-status, the opportunities that present themselves while building a career in social media are seemingly endless. But how do you get started with a career as a “social media sensation”? Here are just a few tips to keep in mind!

Plan, plan, and plan some more

While it might be tempting to get started immediately with your first post or vlog, you must create a plan of attack before posting any content. What social media platforms will you use? Who are you aspiring to attract, and what kinds of topics and formats do they engage with? Where will you create, and add value to your brand? Becoming a social media influencer is akin to launching your own business; you must be prepared for self-promotion, and to remain true to yourself.

Own your niche

We don’t need to tell you how many social media stars and wannabe influencers there are out there; the chances are you’ve heard of a handful of them, and have likely allowed them to inspire your own forays into social media stardom. If you’re to make waves it’s imperative that you choose your niche, and make that subject or angle your own in any way that you can. What are you most passionate about? When are you your most authoritative? Find a unique voice, and let it speak for you.

Create engaging content

Audiences don’t only respond to well-written blog posts and informative articles; these days they want to consume social media content as passively as they can, in as entertaining a way as possible. Videos, especially vlogs, are particularly popular with followers, since they usually offer an insight into social media personalities’ innermost secrets, as well as revealing hints and tips on any number of topics. If you’re to keep up, it’s a good idea to download video maker apps or software, which will enable you to create engaging, and exciting content that can be shared across platforms – and around the world. Why not start with an introduction to your life, and loves?


Don’t shy away from collaboration

While it’s tempting to feel intimidated by other social media sensations out there, you must realise how valuable collaborations can be. Indeed, social media influencers are more likely to lift one another up than ridicule an idea or angle. Social media communities, or tribes, exist to empower influencers. What could you learn from some of the more seasoned influencers out there? The world of the social media star is a relatively young one, so seek out every networking opportunity that you can. You never know what you might learn, or what doors could open.

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Keep your finger on the pulse

Whatever it is you’re doing it’s essential to remain relevant; to ride the trends, and identify gaps in the market. Social media thrives on trends, and careers are made and dashed on the popularity of a hashtag or meme, or the prevalence of a viral video or challenge. In your new role as a social media influencer, you must learn to spot opportunities and to make the most of them. Sure, standing out from the crowd is important. However, remaining relevant is the very best way to appear, and appeal to new followers.

The one thing you’ll notice about social media influencers, time and time again, is that they own their stage. They speak clearly, exude confidence, and command authority, regardless of the topic they’re speaking about. To become a social media sensation, you must be able to sell yourself as a brand and to handle criticism whenever it’s levelled at you. Such criticism can be hard to swallow but is rarely personal. Above all, you should consider the ways that you’ll remain relevant and interesting, and endeavour to learn from those around you.

Social media is a relatively youthful platform of communication that’s always evolving – and most certainly never boring. Can you remain open-minded and learn from your mistakes? If so, there’s a chance you’re on your way to a glittering new career.

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