We’re Entranced by Kylie Jenner’s 37-Step Makeup Routine! [Watch]

Kylie Jenner Makeup

Love her or hate her, when it comes to makeup we can all agree that Kylie Jenner’s look is basically flawless. If you’ve ever wondered how Kylie Jenner achieves her incredible makeup look, you’re in luck because the reality TV star is sharing her makeup secrets with the world in a brand new video! The 10-minute video sees Jenner break down her entire 37-step makeup routine, start to finish, and while most of us won’t copy her look step for step, you’ll definitely pick up some great tips along the way.

Besides getting an inside look at Jenner’s makeup routine you will also learn all sorts of great stuff about her (great news if you’re a fan!) like the fact that she uses lip-liner over her entire lip, and she can do it with her eyes closed or that she tests out all of her products on her best friend Jordyn Woods because they live together.

Watch the Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial below and get ready to be wowed.

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