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With Father’s Day around the corner, it made us realise one thing: shopping for guys is not easy. As simple and practical creatures as men are, there seems to be no simple way or singular place to get everything the modern man might need, that’s until we discovered The Bro Shop. A brand-spanking new online store that caters exactly for its namesake, the bros (and desperate girlfriends, wives, and daughters who are at their wit’s end ). So, if you’re STILL looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift or just need the perfect gift for a special man in your life then we must insist that you check out this unique online store!

With everything from braai equipment and biltong to beer, snacks, grooming items, clothing, accessories, and gadgets available on the store, there is something for every kind of oke. Plus, you can be sure that it’s all top quality stuff as every item as been hand-picked by The BroShop team. You can’t go wrong really! If you’re looking for something with an even greater personal touch, The BroShop creates one-of-a-kind Bro Boxes. This Bro Box option allows you to build unique packages from pre-selected items The Bro Shop recommends, or build something completely from scratch, giving you the ultimate gifting solution for those bros in your life.

But wait, there’s more! All orders over R300 get free delivery, and are shipped within 24/48 hours if stocked at The BroShop warehouse, and 3-5 working days if the items are sourced from suppliers.

So, to get you inspired to check out this fabulous store we decided to pick 5 of our favourite items from The BroShop: (think of it as a dummy’s guide to Father’s Day shopping)

The Bro Tie – R180

Bow-ties are all the rage for weddings and formal events these days, so The BroShop introduced one of its exclusive offerings to the store, the Bro Tie. Available in a variety of different colours, designs, and patterns, the Bro Tie is the ideal gift for that friend, brother, or father looking to mix up their dignified yet playful attire. The Bro Ties also come in a neat box with an instruction card. There are also full sets including pocket squares and suspenders available.

bow tie

Snapstick biltong – R35

Of course, no bro-gift is complete without some delicious biltong to top it off. The BroShop features both carved and snapstick biltong from Kleyin Begin’s prime-cut meats. A must for the international rugby season.


Minipresso portable espresso maker – R1 550

The one key thing you need when travelling is coffee – but the days of settling for horrendous lukewarm instant coffee are done. The Minipresso has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine around. The Minipresso doesn’t require compressed air, N2O cartridges or electricity for its operation, allowing you to create hand-operated coffee on the go.

bro shop coffee

Woodworks bamboo sunglasses – R849

We’re all onboard for the wooden sunglass revolution, and Wordworks’ bamboo sunglasses are a top-notch choice for your face this season. Woodworks’ range of Polarised Bamboo Sunglasses are made from natural materials that are environmentally friendly and on top of that they are committed to plant a tree in their community for every 25 pairs sold.

bro shop glasses

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Boytjie Braai Sauce pack – R220

The thing a man loves as much as (and sometimes even more than) his significant other, is his braai. But many men throw their chops and wors onto the Weber without indulging in the brilliance of Boytjie Braai Sauce. The Bro Shop has the entire Boytjie Braai Sauce pack, featuring 750g bottles of lemon & herb marinade, Moroccan Marinade, Steakhouse Sauce, Stick Rib Basting Sauce, and Peri-Peri (500g), all for R220.

braai sauce

So, head over to The BroShop and prepare to be bro-wn away!

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