Why are Developers so Expensive?

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With the increasing scope of the internet, and digital communication in general, it’s no wonder that the software development industry is growing. This is important when it comes to the individual, but it’s becoming even more important for companies that want to take their businesses up a level to consider developing their own custom solutions and applications. Developers often get a bad rep for being over-priced, but more often than not, there’s a logical explanation for that stereotype rather than a problem within the industry. We’re going to delve a little deeper into the process web developers take, and why you ultimately don’t have to spend bucket-loads to get a good solution.

Development Has Changed, A Lot

While there are a lot of tools for your average-Joe to whip up a website or use a free online service, they’re extremely limiting. Real custom development requires functionality and complexity to put together something proprietary and which specifically suits a company’s needs. The time and effort required for a modern product with a functional back-end and front-end, that can access databases, or perform other complex functions, is quite high. A good analogy would be to think of how different cars are today versus cars from 1940, and how the processes to build them have become far more difficult and expensive. The same thing has happened for development.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Unfortunately, with the increasing sophistication of development, it’s difficult as a consumer to know what you can and can’t reasonably expect. Thinking that high-functioning sites or custom applications managed to get to that level quickly is, unfortunately, a myth. It’s going to be tough to go to a developer and say “I want the social media feeling of Facebook, the user-interface of Twitter, the appearance of Twitch, and to be able to file my taxes automatically”. What’s likely going to happen is that you’ll get a quote that would require you to take out 5 additional mortgages. That’s simply due to the breadth and scope of actually implementing what seems like an easy process, but in reality is an extremely complicated one.

Wanting Features You Don’t Need

This aspect can rack up a costly quote in no time, and if you’re thinking of getting an application for yourself, it’s incredibly important to be certain about why you want what you want, and to be very specific with the developer when you communicate that. While it’s obviously great to have a sophisticated and sleek site or software application, depending on what you want to achieve, something simple and attractive might be just as effective and a fraction of the cost. If we want to use another little analogy, it’s like buying a house: Identify what you need and pursue that, if you’re single and can’t swim there’s no point getting a 5-bedroom house with an Olympic-sized pool.

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OK, the amount is crazy, but the point is apt.

Not Communicating Enough with the Developer

A misconception about the developer’s relationship with their clients can also be an obstacle to getting a well-priced solution. It may seem like you simply tell them what you want and leave the ball in their court until they finish your product, but that isn’t the case. The process from putting the idea on the table to a working application is a collaborative one, where clients should provide as much information as possible so that the developer has a clear idea of what to do. Without that good communication, a developer might spend chargeable hours doing something the client doesn’t want, and they’ll have to do it over again, all adding unnecessary zeroes to the bill.

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