Why Ordering Internationally is Often Cheaper than Purchasing Locally

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Let’s be honest, the Rand has taken a bit of a beating in recent times, but that doesn’t mean ordering internationally is a no-no. In fact, sometimes it’s actually a lot cheaper to source foreign goods than it is to buy locally and pay the huge hidden costs of import duties. We say cut out all the middleman and import it yourself. Don’t believe us? Here are just 3 products you can save big on by importing it to South Africa.

Get a genuine Kylie Lipkit and save

If you’re a makeup fanatic then you no doubt know all about the drama of fake beauty products popping up online. Buying these fake products at a fraction of the price of the real thing is risky business and can lead to infections and all sorts of other problems due to the sketchy ingredients used in these fake products. Of course, there are a few legitimate resellers selling the original Kylie Lipkits here in South Africa but why shell out and accept the hefty markup price of around R950 when you can get it for just $29 online from the official Kyle Cosmetics website (around R380)?

Kylie Lipkits South Africa

Save big on a fidget cube

Do you struggle to concentrate unless your hands are occupied? This super addictive desk toy is designed to help you focus and keep your fidgeting habits at work, in class, and at home under control. With six sides, each with a unique fidgeting feature, these cubes are becoming the worry stone of the future. But why pay between R190 and R200 for your fidget fix when you can grab it for just $2.45 on Amazon (about R32)?

Fidget cube

Get a great deal on a Fitbit Alta

The new Fitbit Alta is pretty epic. With SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition and stylish accessory wristband options in metal, leather and sport, tracking your workouts and daily activity has never been this fabulous. But why hand over a whopping R2500 for the Fitbit Alta here in SA when you can get your hands on it for $129 at Target (around R1660)?

FitBit Alta

Of course, our Post Office isn’t exactly the most reliable when it comes to receiving stuff far off distant lands, but luckily we’ve discovered a super easy, reliable, convenient, and affordable way to bring in your online shopping from overseas (hallelujah!). South African-owned, Postbox Courier offers affordable express courier services to and from South Africa ensuring your packages will arrive at your door in a matter of days – that’s right, no month-long, or more, nail-biting wait to find out if your order has arrived safely!

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Registering with Postbox Courier is FREE, quick and easy and once you’ve registered you’ll get your very own delivery address in the UK, Hong Kong, US and Australia. Then, when it comes time to shop all you need to do is have your goods delivered to your most appropriate address. If you’re shopping in America then deliver to your New York address. Once you’ve placed your order and your goods are on their way head back to the Postbox Courier website to submit a Parcel Pre-Alert. This just lets them know to expect your order so everything runs smoothly when getting it to you here in SA.

Not sure what the cost will be to import? Email Customersupport@postbox-courier.com and they can calculate how much you will have to pay in import charges if you send them a link to your wishlist – this will help you decide on whether or not to purchase. And if you’re ordering liquid items, make sure you to let them know so they can quote you accordingly.

To find out more about PostBox-Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the PostBox Courier website here.

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